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Your Brand Reputation and Public Relations

Public relations (PR) traditionally consisted of press releases and news conferences, and very little else. However, these days, PR has taken on greater importance, especially when it comes to your marketing strategy. After all, you’re now able to engage directly with consumers across many different online channels. As such, digital public relations are essential for improving and maintaining your brand reputation.

What’s The Difference Between Digital PR And Digitial Marketing?

At first glance, it might appear that there is some overlap in terms of what can be defined as PR and what can be defined as inbound marketing. After all, content creation is a vital component of inbound marketing strategies. Yet, press releases are a form of content. Additionally, the content you create as part of your inbound strategy does impact your brand authority – and, therefore, its reputation. The main difference between digital PR and inbound marketing is in the goal. The goal of inbound Brand Reputationmarketing is to generate leads and eventually to close sales. This is not the goal of digital PR. Instead, the goal of digital PR is to improve the perception of your business. Although different, in achieving the goal of PR, you contribute to the success of your inbound marketing efforts.

The Benefits Of Digital Public Relations

The following are some of the reasons why digital PR can be beneficial to your brand:

  • Improve credibility – A good digital PR strategy can help you secure more media coverage. For instance, sending out press releases to various online media outlets. As a result, when consumers are doing research into your brand, they’ll discover a wealth of coverage from reputable sources, which will lend your business credibility. Such credibility helps boost brand trust and makes it easier to generate leads.
  • Generate more brand awareness – The more coverage you obtain from online media outlets, the more brand awareness you generate. On top of that, PR-related content that you publish online, whether on your website or on social media, can be shared. When such content is shared, it can boost awareness even further.
  • Increase organic traffic – First of all, any press releases or PR-related content that you write, you can optimize for SEO. This will help boost traffic to your website. Secondly, any media coverage you get can boost traffic as well. Not only can readers who were unaware of your business do a search based on press coverage, but many online media outlets will link their coverage of your brand to your site.
  • Maintain a positive reputation – Digital PR also involves addressing negative comments on review sites and on social media. Trying to resolve issues that customers had with their experience online (in view of the public) can actually boost your reputation. Ignoring negative comments will only hurt your reputation.

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Examples Of Digital Public Relations Strategies

There are many different things that you can do to improve your PR efforts online. The following are just a few examples of digital PR tactics that you could implement:

  • Press announcements on social issues – When you make changes within your company to improve corporate and social responsibility, you should announce them to the world. For instance, if you’re making a switch to a more sustainable manufacturing process to become more environmentally friendly. Even just announcing your support for a social movement or cause can help increase the reputation of your brand.
  • Video content of community involvement – Showcase how your business gets involved in your community by filming it. For instance, if you encourage employees to do community service, or if higher-level employees regularly participate in community-related events, then you should film it and post those videos online, whether on your website or on social media.
  • Social media engagementSocial media allows you to connect with your audience directly. As such, you can leverage social media to talk to your customers and show them that you’re present and that you care. Ask questions about their experience with your brand. You should also address negative comments in an attempt to turn negative customer experiences into positive ones. Not only can this help you from losing a customer, but it will also show the world that you care.
  • Company interviews – Set up interviews with experts within our company. For instance, let them speak to influencers within your industry for an interview published on a website, for a video, or for a podcast. Doing so helps to generate awareness of your brand and can boost your brand authority as well. Not to mention that putting a face on your brand will make your business more relatable to your audience.

Implement A Digital PR Strategy Today

Public relations is critical to maintaining and improving the perception of your brand. The stronger your brand reputation is, the better your chances are of being able to successfully market your business. As such, it’s vital that you implement a digital PR strategy.

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