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How Healthcare Content Marketing Companies Can Step Up in 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the nation, healthcare content marketing is more valued than ever before.  We have always needed healthcare companies to create the innovative products and services to help us deal with life’s ailments. However, with so much uncertainty in the world, now is the time for leaders in the healthcare field to realize that sharing what they know is just as important as delivering their products and services. As a result here are a few ways healthcare content marketing companies can aid the public during these times of uncertainty.

Make Your Content Reliable

Healthcare content marketing, or any kind of content marketing, should make good on the promises that people will read in your meta description. Nothing is more frustrating to a reader, than following up on an enticing description, only to find generic filler content. Now, with a crisis causing a nearly unprecedented amount of uncertainty, the public is looking for whatever concrete solutions that they can find.

For example, if you’re a B2B company who sells ventilators, then provide as many details as possible. That way uncertain decision makers, will know all they need to about your equipment, and view your company as a credible source of information. Another way to remain reliable in a crisis is to have a 24/7 live helpline open to anyone seeking aid. You can even incorporate chatbots into your company website; that way you can be available with a fast follow-up the next morning.

Make sure to have in-depth content prepared in advance and tailor it to each departmental decision maker.  That way department leaders, such as medical directors, can assess their needs, in regards to the equipment your company can provide. Above all else, make sure that your content and sales teams work in tandem beforehand so that all of your messaging aligns properly. Whatever else you offer, your company’s B2B content must be personalized, accurate, and actionable.

Create Specific Landing Pages

In addition to timely blog posts, articles, and press releases, creating a landing page is another way healthcare content marketing companies, can aid the public. More specifically, you should focus on creating a landing page that’s a hub for all things crisis related and link it back to your homepage. A unique landing page is an efficient strategy to route people to the right resources as quickly as possible.

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Incorporate Customer & Patient Feedback

A good way to build reassurance from the public is for them know that there are others who have benefited from your advice, products or services. For B2B companies, knowing exactly which facilities have used your products to solve internal crises can help turn potential customers into paid ones. Furthermore, when you include your customer’s feedback into your content, you’re providing information that can drive decisions.

Make Sure You Are Mobile OptimizedHealthcare Content Marketing 2

When something newsworthy occurs, chances are your customers aren’t going to pull out their desktops to get information. They’ll more than likely reach into their pockets and pull out whatever mobile device they have. If your content isn’t mobile-optimized, your company is likely leaving a lot of business on the table.

Additionally, mobile loading speed is something to be weary of. While tolerable most of the time, a slow loading and poorly optimized website, runs the risk of scaring away potential customers. As a result, your audience will likely abandon your content in favor of your competitors. This is especially true during times of crisis, as the public will want quick access to vital information. With a good majority of all online traffic in the U.S coming from mobile devices, it’s a good idea to make sure that your content gets into their hands first.

Empathize With Your Patients and Customers

During these trying times, your patience and empathy will be needed more than ever. However, this is only the first step. Your customers will need actionable information that they can digest quickly, in order to feel more at ease.

Use bullet points or subheadings, so that people can scan your content clearly. Be sure to include visuals in your display. Chances are, they’ll help your customers remember information much better than text alone. With that in mind, try to keep your content accurate and easy to read. Think about what it is that your target customers or patients want to know, then create your content around that.

Finally, transparency is another way to reassure others of your sincerity. The more actionable and proactive your information is, the others will see your commitment to their well-being. Furthermore, you lessen the risk of needing reputation management further down the road. In conclusion by applying these principles, you can help millions feel reassurance that their life is in the right hands.