6 Essential Steps to Healthcare Content Marketing

When it comes to healthcare and wellness, roughly 80 percent of people tend to use search engines like Google to find information and advice. As a healthcare provider, you should take advantage of this by investing in a robust healthcare content marketing strategy. By implementing a good healthcare content marketing strategy, you’ll not only be able to establish yourself as a healthcare authority, which will help to earn more trust amongst potential patients, but you’ll be able to generate more leads as well. Keeping that in mind, the following are six healthcare content marketing tactics that you should leverage in order to improve engagement with potential patients.

1. Write A Blog Focusing On Your Niche

A website blog is one of the easiest ways to produce and publish informative content on a regular basis that can help to attract new leads as well as keep existing leads coming back. Create content that focuses on medical information relevant to your niche. In fact, by focusing on your niche. you’re more likely to attract your target audience. For example, if you’re a general health practitioner, then writing a blog post on steps to take to avoid the coronavirus is relevant to your practice. However, if you’re a dental practice, such a post is not relevant to your medical niche. Make sure that the content you create is helpful and informative to your specific audience.

2. Post Patient Testimonials On Your Website

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Building trust is absolutely essential to the success of a healthcare marketing strategy in general. Since new patients are putting their health in your hands, you will need to find ways to build that trust. While creating high-quality content can go a long way in building trust, you should also create patient testimonials. Patient testimonials are essentially positive reviews from previous patients. Potential patients are going to be much more at ease if they see that you have a lot of patients who had a good experience with your healthcare services.

Set up a dedicated patient testimonial page on your site so that it’s easy to find. Although you can simply post written comments from past patients, you should consider creating patient testimonial videos, which are even more effective.

3. Introduce Your Team Of Healthcare Professionals

Being able to put a face (or faces) to your healthcare business is going to help make potential customers feel much more comfortable about scheduling an appointment or contacting you. After all, it’s not knowing about what they’re getting into that tends to put people ill at ease. With that in mind, flesh out your about page with content about your healthcare professionals. For example, a photograph of each doctor along with a short background paragraph can make a big difference. If you want to go the extra mile, post a video interview with each one of your doctors (or main healthcare providers).

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4. Create Interactive Content

The majority of people who are searching for healthcare-related content are looking for information that pertains to their own health. As such, creating interactive content can help you to address their needs more effectively. For example, health assessments and quizzes allow them to go over their symptoms in order to get a general idea about their current health. This type of content tends to be highly engaging, not to mention that it can lead to more appointments being scheduled as well.

5. Establish A Relatable Brand Personality

In order for potential patients to be able to trust you, they have to feel like they know you. While fleshing out your about page can help, it’s also important that you establish a brand personality that they can connect with on a more personal level. If your content is too dry and has no personality, it will feel like they’re just getting information from a textbook. You want it to feel like they are getting information from one of your healthcare professionals. Keep this in mind when creating your content. Additionally, get your personality across by interacting with leads directly. Whether through a live chat feature, on the comment section of your blog, or on social media.

6. Analyze The Performance Of Your Content

Monitor the performance of your content over time using analytics. Track metrics such as page rankings, traffic generated, traffic generated by source, click-through-rates, social signals, backlinks earned, and conversion rates. This will allow you to identify content that’s performing well so that you can make adjustments to improve your healthcare content marketing strategy over time.

These are just six tactics that you should focus on when implementing a healthcare content marketing strategy. With an effective healthcare content marketing strategy, you’ll find that your ability to attract new patients and to engage with them will improve significantly over time. As a result, there will be more leads, brand awareness, and an increase in brand trust.

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