What’s Trending for January 2019

Staying up to date with all the latest marketing trends is a great way to keep your marketing efforts fresh and to find new tactics that can help improve your overall marketing strategy. That’s why every month we like to share some of the latest marketing trends so that you can see what’s new. The following are some of the marketing trends that have been catching on lately.

Noteworthy Marketing News

YouTube Ad Campaigns Begin Targeting TV Screens

Although mobile is the dominant platform for YouTube views, more and more people are watching YouTube on their TVs. YouTube is extending their ad campaigns onto TV devices to provide advertisers with greater reach. AdWords API capabilities for TV targeting will be accessible to advertisers beginning on January 8. For more information about these new TV screen targeting capabilities, read Marketing Land’s recent article on the subject.

YouTube Phasing Out CTA Overlays In Favor Of New Ad Extensions

YouTube will begin offering their new ad extension for TrueView in-stream ads and will eventually offer them for bumper ads as well as TrueView video discover ads. Although a minor change, the CTA ad extensions will be able to be applied to new and existing overlays, whereas overlays are created as part of the ad. For more detail, read Ginny Marvin’s write-up on YouTube’s switch to CTA ad extensions at Marketing Land.

HubSpot Reorienting Itself As Platform Vendor

HubSpot has long been known as a product suite, but that’s changing soon as it realigns itself as a platform vendor. Following HubSpot’s recent partnership with AWS, HubSpot is planning to become a platform that will support an increasing population of apps that support interactions with HubSpot. Read more about HubSpot’s shift at Martech Today.

Improving Your Marketing Program

We recently published a blog post reviewing some of the most effective marketing trends of 2018, including a focus on brand, authenticity, social change, and omnichannel marketing. Learn more about these 2018 marketing trends and how you can implement them into your marketing efforts in 2019 by reading Terry Becker’s post.

Clutch.co! Names Stevens and Tate Top Ad Agency in 2018

Here at Stevens and Tate, we have earned recognition for our marketing expertise for almost three decades. In 2018, we were named the top ad agency by Clutch, a third-party company that ranks B2B service providers on a yearly basis. Find out what Clutch had to say about our services by checking out the announcement on our blog.

Top 5 Marketing Tactics You Should Use in 2019

As you review your marketing strategy and prepare for the new year, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your efforts. In this article, we go over five marketing tactics that you should make sure to implement into your marketing campaign if you haven’t done so already, including adding chatbots, producing video content, creating user-generated content, and more.

Why TV Advertising Remains Effective

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Three View Behaviors Common On YouTube in 2018

If you’re using YouTube as part of your marketing efforts, then tracking how your users behave is an important part of figuring out how to best engage them. Three of the most common YouTube user behaviors of 2018 include viewing content exploring alternative and minimalist lifestyles, searching for inspiration, and searching for a way to connect. For more details into the behavior of YouTube users in 2018, read Gina Shalavi’s article on the subject.

The Return Of Trust In Media

Trust in media has been on the downslope since the late 1970s, reaching an all-time low in 2016. However, new studies show that the media is regaining the trust of the general public, in part due to a focus on transparency that includes attempts by journalists to defend their work, better fact-checking partnerships, and more. Learn more about how the media has become more transparent and has regained the public’s trust by checking out Sara Fischer’s article on Axios.

10 Agency Pros Explain How Their Workflow Was Improved By AIartificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence continues to develop at a rapid pace to the point where it’s starting to become commonplace. Businesses across the world are using AI to help improve the efficiency of their workflow. Find out how by reading the Forbes article in which ten agency pros describe in detail how AI has helped them to improve their workflows.