Using the Buyer's Journey To Create Great Content

Using the Buyer’s Journey to Create Great Content

Today, great content is so important because it is the actual message you are delivering to potential customers. It should capture the attention of your target audience and stand out within the huge sea of content that surrounds us every day. This can be very difficult to do because marketing content is everywhere you look. But using the right techniques will help make sure the target is reached in the best way.

Inbound Marketing is about offering the right content to the right audience based on where they are within the Buyer’s Journey and developing buyer personas to help target the correct people in the most effective way possible. What makes good, even great content? Constantly thinking about the mind of your buyer and where they are at in their decision process. This way all of your choices center around their needs and you will create content of value.

Using Your Audience

The content you create should help your reader solve their problems and help with whatever it is they are trying to accomplish. Be sure that the content you produce is something that your audience will want to read, share with their friends, and return to your company for further information. The ultimate goal is to be helpful to the consumer!

The best way to understand which format to use for your content is through your buyer personas. A buyer persona is a theoretical person within your target audience that is comprised of analyzed research. Buyer personas are the key to creating ideal content because through them you are able to understand what they want to see, and when they want to see it. Thinking in this way, in the mind of your buyer personas, is extremely helpful in reaching your target because now you have entirely put yourself in their shoes.

Why Are Buyer Persona’s So Important

Using The Buyer’s Journey To Create Great Content

Another aspect of your buyer persona is how they will be moving through the Buyer’s Journey. Not only do we need to understand how to help our audience with their goals and challenges, but also what the buyer persona is looking for in each stage of their journey. Creating content for each stage in the Buyer’s Journey will help your visitors find the resources they need in order to solve their problems. The Buyer’s Journey has 3 stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. 

The Buyers Journey Explained Stage By Stage

The content made for the awareness stage of the journey must help the buyer persona define their problem and learn about it. This means simply educating the consumer about the problem they have. When the buyer persona is in the consideration stage, the content should help them discover possible solutions to their problem. Hold off on discussing your own products and services be discussed, the focus is still on providing useful information regarding what steps they can take next. Finally, in the decision stage you help the buyer persona choose the best solution to their problem, and therefore offer your services.

Focus on tailoring content to your buyer personas and where they are within the Buyer’s Journey to ensure that it will capture your audience’s attention, help your target with what they are searching for, and fuel your campaign.

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