Will Apple’s iTunes Radio Put a Lock on Pandora’s Box?

Apple recently announced an addition to its new iOS7 software, which will incorporate its own version of Pandora’s Internet Radio service titled, iTunes Radio. The service will function very similarly to Pandora, but will harness the data accumulated through the user’s iTunes account in order to see what music the listener currently likes, has liked in the past, and takes both into account when selecting new music for them.

Unlike Pandora, iTunes Radio will feature the ability to “tune” each station selection based on whether the listener wants more of the music to be familiar or new to the—a feature foreign to Pandora listeners.

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The Trends Guiding Great Email Design

Author: Chad White | June 18, 2013 | Media Post

We recently released “The Best of the Email Swipe File,” which identifies five trends affecting email design and highlights 20 examples that best exemplify those trends.

The Mobile-Friendly trend addresses the shift from wide screens and mice to narrow screens and fat fingers with mobile-aware design, responsive design, text-heavy emails — and the move toward hyper-minimalist emails like thisKickstarter one.

The Personalization trend shows that brands are going way beyond first-name personalization by collecting lots more data and using it in deeply personal emails like this Fitbit email.

The Triggered Sophistication trend demonstrates that marketers are using longer campaigns, smarter content and better triggers for their programs, as with this Foursquare email, which is triggered by check-in patterns.

The Editorial Voice trends shows that content marketing’s success is significantly influencing B2C email marketers, as in this Pandora email that mimics the infographics used so often by B2B marketers.

And the Inspired Fundamentals trend makes it clear that some design tactics have stayed evergreen, like the power of an intuitive image, as in this Anthropologie email.

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In Life and Advertising, Can Less Be More?

We are busy. Everyone is busy. Each of us manages many different tasks throughout the day, but how often do we pause to think about what we’re really doing? Are we just checking things off our never-ending To Do list, or are we engaging mindfully in actions that will bring us closer to our goals? As we approach the second half of 2013, I am looking at our company’s goals and asking, Are the sales and marketing activities we are engaging in leading to positive future indicators, driving results, and ultimately winning sales? Read more