What You’ve Been Told About Millennials Is (Mostly) Wrong

Felicia Greiff | AdvertisingAge | August 17 , 2015

Listen up, brands: What you have been told about millennials is (mostly) wrong. Read more

COMING UP: 2015 LeadingAge Nebraska Fall Conference and Annual Meeting for Senior Living Professionals

Update: The Leading Age Nebraska Conference was a great success. Leading Age is the leading trade show for senior living professionals. Stevens & Tate President Dan Gartlan and Internet Marketing Director Nicole Wagner were once again both chosen to speak at the conference. Dan led a session titled,“Integrated Marketing Strategies to Attract Prospects to Your Brand and Drive Occupancy” and Nicole spoke on“Embrace the Conversation: Strategies for Using Search & Social to Attract Residents.”

Stevens & Tate was asked to share our expertise at the conference based on our extensive experience in the senior living field – with proven success building brands and growing business with comprehensive marketing programs.
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Trade Show Marketing: 4 Ways to Draw People to Your Booth at Your Next Conference

Trade shows are a key way for companies to bring in more leads. Learn marketing tips on how to draw people to your booth at your next conference.

David Ciccarelli| Entrepreneur | July 31 , 2015

You’ve likely attended some of those mega-conferences every industry holds annually, where new products and services are introduced, keynote speakers discuss the latest industry thinking and people connect, face-to-face. You’ve likely felt excitement leading up to the big event, too.

And, perhaps, as an attendee, you’ve wondered how you could exhibit at the next event and how you could ensure a return on your investment for the exhibitor space.

People from our team attended recent industry conferences in New York, Las Vegas and Atlanta with great success. Here are four tips based on what worked for us: Read more

Grilling Brands Fire Up New Strategies For Millennials

Grilling Brands Fire Up New Strategies For Millennials

Whether it’s propane, charcoal or electricity as the fuel, the grilling and barbecue industry is preparing to pass the tongs from older buyers to millenials.

Younger consumers are predicted to be 65% more likely to purchase a grill in the next two years, according to a report from global market research firm Mintel, which released its findings as “National Grilling Month” comes to an end.

The report also revealed that consumers are switching their interests from gas and charcoal grills to smokers and electric grills. Read more

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Using LinkedIn to Develop Connections and Generate More Leads

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for business leaders. It currently has 350,000,000 usersand over 25 percent of users believe it has helped them generate leads. When used effectively, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for connecting with others and building a strong, robust network, for establishing your thought leadership to generate more leads. The following guide should help you get more out of LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is a great tool for networking. It allows you to build your own network, starting with the people you know directly, called 1st-degree connections. As you connect with more people, you also build an extended network comprised of the people known by your connections, these are known as 2nd and 3rd-degree connections.

Ideas for generating new connections:

  • Connect with everyone in your current database
  • Connect with everyone you receive a business card from
  • Connect with anyone you conversed with professionally that day

Building your network is important, because the options you have for communicating with other users depend on how closely connected you are. The larger your network, the more people you are able to interact with, and the larger your potential influence on LinkedIn.

Thought Leadership

After you have started to build up your network, you can take advantage of LinkedIn’s publishing and content marketing features. From your profile, you can post both updates and posts. Updates are like the traditional status updates found on most social media platforms, whereas posts are more like articles that are published to your LinkedIn profile.

By regularly posting topics of interest to you and your industry, you can use both updates and posts to demonstrate your thought leadership and develop credibility within your industry. Good topics for posts and updates include:

  • New Technology or Innovation
  • Regulatory Changes Impacting Your Industry
  • Industry Trends
  • Frequent Asked Questions
  • Commenting on Industry Controversy

Read more about “Content Marketing For Lead Generation”

Group Participation

LinkedIn hosts thousands of groups, covering an array of professions, industries and organizations. You should join the groups that are relevant to your business and become an active participant in those groups.

Participate in group discussions by answering questions, commenting on other’s posts and occasionally sharing your own content, but only when it is relevant. Becoming an active group member is a great way to communicate with others in your industry and find new connections and potential business opportunities.

Performance Tracking

In order for your LinkedIn initiative to be successful, you need to keep track of your activity and key performance indicators.

To track your activities, create a dashboard listing your weekly new connection reach outs, group conversations, comments, updates, posts, profile updates and recommendation reach outs. Filling out the dashboard each week holds you accountable and keeps you on pace towards finishing your goals.

After charting your activities, you keep another dashboard listing your key performance indicators. Keep a weekly tally of new connections, recommendations, article likes/comments, network rank, scheduled meetings and most importantly, any new leads.

For more information about using LinkedIn for business or to set up a LinkedIn Training Session, Contact Us.

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Once Again, There Are More Commercials on TV

Once Again, There Are More Commercials on TV

Jeanine Poggi | Advertising Age | August 3, 2015

As has become the norm, TV networks are continuing to bolster their commercial loads in attempt to stave off declining ad revenue.

AMC Networks increased its ad load by 10% in the second quarter, the most of any other network group, followed by Viacom, whose commercials were up 7%, and A&E Networks, which was up 5%, according to a report from Sanford C. Bernstein. Read more

FIME 2015 Featured Speakers

Stevens & Tate Marketing Selected To Present Two Featured Educational Sessions At FIME 2015

LOMBARD, ILL., July 31, 2015 – Stevens & Tate Marketing will be presenting two featured speakers at this year’s FIME International Medical Exposition in Miami, Florida. As the largest and most prominent medical convention in the nation, FIME is the most anticipated event for education, networking, and product showcases in the industry each year. Stevens & Tate’s unique marketing insight and proven expertise in the healthcare and medical marketplace will be brought to the forefront in two exclusive marketing education sessions during the upcoming show being held from August 5-7 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

On Wednesday, August 5th at 10am, President Dan Gartlan will present on his exclusive Attraction Marketing program. His session, titled: “Integrated Strategies to Attract Prospects to Your Brand and Drive Success,” will focus on a series of key strategies and tactics that, when used together, are proven to strengthen marketing programs and enhance results. Included in the presentation will be a focus on the importance of setting measureable objectives and defining goals, as well as tracking activities and future indicators.

Dan is highly respected for his ability to custom tailor his Attraction Marketing program to each audience he addresses, including relevant content and examples specifically to the industry’s needs. “This program is designed to offer business owners, CEOs and marketing managers a solid platform to help expand their current marketing —leading to greater sales and improved ROI,” said Gartlan. “All healthcare professionals can benefit from learning how to focus their time, budget and energy on the most effective initiatives to keep up in today’s demanding marketplace,” he continued.

On Thursday, August 6th, Internet Marketing Director Nicole Wagner will dive deeper into online marketing in her session, titled: “Embrace the Conversations: Strategies for Using Search & Social to Attract Prospects.” In a constantly evolving industry, healthcare organizations must be able to adapt to changing technologies, advancements, and customer needs. Timing and platform are pertinent to a successful marketing program; “I have the opportunity to help organizational leaders hone in on their greatest issues and find innovative ways to solve them,” Wagner explained. “In the online space, enhancing your presence, creating efficiencies, and strengthening your Internet programs will lead to measureable results,” she continued. Her session with help attendees explore the most effective ways to reach their audiences and keep them engaged throughout the various points in a sales cycle.

Stevens & Tate is excited to be a part of this prominent industry event as the world’s most expansive and advanced group of healthcare professionals gather to discuss trending marketing strategies and surefire industry insights. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, FIME anticipates more than ten thousand will attend this year’s event. Learn more at www.fimeshow.com. To learn more about the presentations by Gartlan and Wagner, please visit www.stevens-tate.com/news-insights.

Stevens & Tate Marketing is a full service advertising agency offering Internet advertising; award-winning, on-strategy creative; integrated message development; and cost-effective media planning and execution. Stevens & Tate creates focused, targeted solutions for all its clients within medical, healthcare, and senior living; hospitality, travel and tourism; real estate and homebuilding; food, grocery, retail and CPG; and business-to-business industries.

Dan Gartlan, President of Stevens & Tate Marketing, counsels businesses on improving their marketing results and speaks on the topic of Attraction Marketing to businesses, groups and associations. He can be reached directly by calling (630) 627-5200 or via email at gartlan@stevens-tate.com.

Nicole Wagner, Internet Marketing Director at Stevens & Tate Marketing, leads an enthusiastic team in strategic planning, web development, social media and search engine marketing as well as Internet and mobile marketing. She can be reached directly by calling (630) 627-5200 or via email at nwagner@stevens-tate.com.

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