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5 Innovative Marketing Ideas To Use In 2019

When it comes to inbound marketing, it can be somewhat easy to fall into a pattern. If you feel like your marketing efforts are just more of the same, then it might be time to take a fresh approach. You want to stand out from your competition, after all. The following are five innovative marketing ideas that you should consider implementing into your inbound marketing strategy in 2019:

1. Create Eye-Catching Lists

Lists are popular because of how easy they are to read. Audiences can just scan lists and still get the general gist of the content. They’re particularly effective at keeping the attention of readers. Just make sure you format your lists into sections and use visuals for each item on the list for an even bigger impact.

2. Reference Current Pop Culture

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that referencing pop culture is tacky or that it will date your content. As long as the pop culture you’re referencing is relevant to your target audience, it can actually help to engage your audience on a deeper level. For example, you could use the meme of a popular TV show that you know your target audience is familiar with to add a bit of flair to a blog post. Just make sure you keep your buyer persona in mind when you do this.

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3. Use More Images

Written content can become stale simply because it’s not visual. Make it a point to use images to break up the text of written content. The longer the text is, the more images you should use. Images help give the eye a break, make the content more interesting to consume overall, and give readers an idea of what the content is about by simply glancing at the images. Even if you’re crafting a white paper or an eBook, using images to break up your text will go a long way towards making it easier to read.innovative marketing ideas

4. Leverage Older Studies For New Content

There is a massive amount of old studies available online no matter what industry you’re in. Many of these studies are not outdated even though they may be older. Look for older studies

that have relevant information and leverage that information for new content. Not only can you use the data to back up new content, but you could even highlight the data on its own in the form of new infographics or other types of visual content (just be sure to cite your sources).

5. Create Time-Lapse Videos

Video content is the most effective content there is because of how easily consumable it is. People love watching video content and do so on their phones on a daily basis (as long as that video content is on the shorter side). Time-lapse videos are extremely effective because they’re basically videos that are displayed in fast motion, making them even easier for viewers to consume. Time-lapse videos tend to be on the shorter side, which is perfect for present-day audiences, which have shorter attention spans (which is why social platforms like Snapchat are so popular). There are lots of ways that you can create time-lapse videos as well, from showing how products are made to the showing the effects of a product over time (for example, showing a stain remover product removing a stain from a carpet).

You should always be on the lookout for innovative marketing ideas to keep things fresh and to keep your audience interested and engaged. These are five innovative marketing ideas that can help to inject some life into a marketing campaign that might be growing a little bit stale.

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