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Tips On Using Facebook For Senior Living Social Media Marketing

Senior living social media marketing, is one of the most effective ways to spread awareness about your senior living community. In doing so, you provide your audience with insight into your facility. This is because decision-makers will often look through social media pages; to not only find the information they’re looking for, but also to get a sense of what other people think about your facility as well as how you engage with decision-makers. As for what social channels you should focus on, Facebook is arguably the best way to reach your audience. This is because Facebook not only has over two billion users, but because 75 percent of American adults between the ages of 18 and 49 use Facebook, which means you’re more likely to reach the family members who are in charge of finding a senior living facility for their loved ones.

Keeping this in mind, the following are a few senior living social media marketing tips to help strengthen your efforts to reach your audience and to engage with them via Facebook:

1. Showcase Your Personality

Besides delivering information about your community, you’ll also want to showcase the personality of your community. This is done through the tone you use and the type of content you post. Showcasing your personality is important because it makes your community more engaging for potential prospects.

2. Use Real Pictures Of Your Property And Your Residents

People tend to be attracted to visual content. Pictures of your community can convey much more about what it’s like to live there than words can. Facebook is a great place to share pictures of your property and residents that will have a real impact on your audience. Additionally, people will be more likely to share visual content, thereby helping to drive awareness of your community. Just make sure to use actual pictures of your property and residents and not stock pictures. As this will feel inauthentic and will hurt your trust.

3. Give Your Residents A Voice

Instead of constantly trying to convey the message that residents are happy and active in your community, let your residents deliver the message themselves. Post testimonials from actual residents in your community. Even something as simple as a quote from a resident and their picture can impact a person’s impression of your organization. Your audience is much more likely to believe what actual residents have to say about your community over what you have to say about it, after all.

4. Promote Events And Activitiessenior living social media marketing 2

Keep your followers up to date with all community-related events and activities. Posting updates that include the dates and times help keep your audience informed about what’s going on in your community. It also gives decision-makers the opportunity to see what kinds of events and activities you typically hold.

5. Be Helpful To Your Audience

Facebook is a social channel, which means it’s not just about delivering information to your audience. It’s also about engaging with them in a two-way conversation. As such, make sure to address any questions, concerns, or feedback that’s left on your page; in a polite, friendly, and helpful manner. The more helpful you are, the better it will reflect on your senior living community.

6. Post Content That Is Informative And Relevant

Facebook is a great way to nurture leads through the buyer’s journey by posting links to content. This content can be from your blog or even from other relevant blogs on other high-quality, non-competing websites. Since the buyer’s journey isn’t linear, make sure that you post content that addresses all three stages of the buyer’s journey:

  • Awareness – At the awareness stage, people are still identifying what their pain points are. Content that addresses common challenges to finding the right senior living community (such as budget, help with activities of daily living, location, staying active, and more) help address the awareness stage.
  • Consideration – Once they are familiar with their pain points, they will begin looking for specific solutions. Post content that highlights potential solutions to those challenges and how your community is able to provide such solutions.
  • Decision – At this point, people will know exactly what they’re looking for and will be deciding on the community that best suits their loved one’s needs. Content that helps convince your prospects that your community is the best option can include testimonials, virtual tours, ebooks, and more.

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7. Use Relevant Hashtags

When posting content or comments to Facebook, adding relevant hashtags helps to categorize what you’ve posted. Doing so can make it easier for interested people to find your content more easily. In doing so, helping to drive awareness of your community on various social media platforms. This includes not just Facebook but also Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

8. Listen To Social Conversations About Your Brand

There are plenty of social media tools available that allow you to track mentions of your community. This allows you to get an overall idea of what people think about you since you can monitor reviews on Facebook as well as general comments about your community. Not only can you get a sense of your reputation this way and find areas that need to be addressed (in the event that there are similar complaints about specific things), but it gives you a chance to find opportunities to engage with the people who are talking about your brand.

9. Drive Conversions Using CTAs

Although your audience can do its own research using the content you post on Facebook, they still need to be encouraged to take action. Use CTAs (calls-to-action) to encourage potential prospects to take specific actions, such as opting in to your email newsletter or calling your community to set up an appointment.

Facebook can be an incredibly effective way to inform your audience about your senior living community and to drive conversions if you know how to leverage it properly. These are nine senior living social media marketing tips that will help you do just that.

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