50 powerful call-to-action phrases

3 Helpful Tips To Improve Your CTAs To Generate More Leads

Calls-to-Action (or CTAs) are images, buttons, text, etc. that prompts one of your website visitors take some kind of action. CTAs could be trying to get visitors to download a white paper, read an article, or contact for more information. Improve CTA is the beginning to convert website traffic into leads.

Here are three ways for you to improve your CTAs and to make sure they are maximizing their presence on your website and generating the most contacts.

1. Use Action-Verbs and Be Specific

2. Grab Attention Immediately

3. Test Your Results

1. Use Action-Verbs and Be Specific

Using action-verbs will make your CTA much more empowering to click on and easier to understand as well. Don’t make it complicated for your visitors to understand what it is you are asking them to do. Make sure the CTA is clear and use wording that your target would also use and comprehend.

For example, instead of, “Click Here”, or “Download Now,” try something more specific like, “Download The SEO Practices Guide Now.” Not only does this have an action verb, but it also has keywords (the title of the guide) that would correlate with the offer.

Powerful Call-to-Action Phrases to Increase Clicks

2. CTA Should Grab Attention Immediately

This may be the most important aspect of creating CTAs, because if the CTA doesn’t stand out to your viewer, odds are they won’t click on it. There are many different factors that go into making an attention-grabbing CTA, the first aspect being the placement.

50 percent of people will not scroll down on a website, so if your CTA is below the fold, that could potentially be a problem. Place your CTA where it doesn’t feel out of place, but also where it is 100 percent visible.

Secondly, the color of your CTA should be something that “pops.” Try using high contrasting colors or colors that are within your company’s logo, to make sure it does not blend in. You may even find that using an image is most effective in your CTAs, because they are another great way to attract attention.

Finally, pay attention to the shape and size of the CTA. This will be different for every webpage layout and depending on what the offer is, but experiment with sizes and shapes that will help make sure your CTA stands out.

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3. Test Your CTA Results

Obviously the only way to see if your CTA is working would be to test the results. According to Hubspot, a 1-2 percent click through rate is a general good goal to have for your CTAs, and a 10 percent click-to-submission rate.

However, it is not necessary or encouraged to make all of these alterations at once. It is far more beneficial to make a minor change and assess those results to see how that change performs. If it does well, move on to the next alteration, and so on. Always be sure that your CTAs are performing in a way that is helping you get more leads and further improve your business.

Now that your CTAs are top-notch, it’s time to make sure that your landing pages are just as effective. Inbound marketing methodology