4 tips to keep sales & marketing on the same track

4 Tips To Keep Sales & Marketing On The Same Track

Sales and marketing are usually thought of as being separate. However, with inbound marketing, both departments or teams need to work together to achieve their common goal: revenue. Inbound marketing is all about helping and informing the consumer throughout the various stages of the buying process, so they ultimately decide to purchase from you. This type of nurturing cannot happen unless sales and marketing work seamlessly. Here are 4 tips to keep your sales and marketing teams on the same page.

Keep constant communication

Communication is the biggest and more over-arching point. Your sales and marketing teams should be meeting regularly in order to keep the business running smoothly. Just about everything that the marketing department does is interdependent on sales, and vice versa, so if sales and marketing aren’t keeping each other updated they could run into problems.


Going along communicating regularly, it is crucial for each department to be giving each other feedback. This can be holistic team feedback or individual feedback, but giving feedback will ensure that every member of each team is doing their part correctly. Both teams need to be letting each other know what is working on their part, and what isn’t.

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There sometimes can be a barrier between marketing and sales jargon. For example, maybe a “lead” means something different to someone working in sales than how a marketing employee may understand it. Be sure that all terminology has been clearly defined so that there is a universal understanding between sales and marketing.

Relate everything back to data

Something that marketing and sales can always agree on is results. It will be obvious if your combined efforts are working based on the numbers you see. If your numbers aren’t what you had hoped they’d be, go back and see if you can determine where the issue is. No matter the source of the problem, sales and marketing will agree to make the change because it will not only help the success of both departments, but also the business as a whole.

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