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5 Creative Marketing Solutions That Will Work In 2021

Solutions come in every flavor. Every client has different pain, and it’s an agency’s job to seek out and offer solutions. Once the pain has been established, the solution is what will solve or compound the problem. Great agencies can put creative thoughts into a campaign and make it memorable. Here are 5 creative marketing solutions that will resonate with the consumer in 2021.

1. Don’t tell your consumer about you, but how your product can benefit them.

Always be thinking about your personas and have empathy to how they are thinking. This is the reason Rocket Mortgage has taken off. The fastest simplest mortgage from your phone. Now that is what the consumer wants to hear. Apple didn’t make billions by telling people what they are, they told people of the experience they could have.

2. Technology is driving innovation.

Let me give you an example of this, Amazon Echo is scheduled to sell 41 million of the cylinder-shaped units by 2020 and retailers are lining up to create branded skills that prompt consumers to buy their products from their kitchen. General Electric will start selling a branded LED lamp with Alexa built in or 1-800-Flowers has found a way to order by just asking Alexa to send flowers to an address. Don’t forget, a new market could come from technology driven design.

Using Marketing Technology to Build a More Visible Brand

3. Engage your target consumer, NOT YOU.

What a simple solution that most CEO’s get wrong. Today more than ever, each sector of consumers, such as Boomers or Millennials, want to be spoken to differently. You may or may not agree with it, but each generation has a different language. A great example of this is borrowed from an article from

While snowboarding attracts huge audiences, the organizers of X Games knew that the tricks pulled by athletes were bewildering to most casual viewers. To combat this, an app was created that tracked snowboarders live as they made their runs and whenever a trick was mentioned by a commentator, the viewer could see an explanation instantly — for instance, a ‘Double McTwist 1260’ is two flips and 3.5 spins. The campaign saw site visits climb by 72%, pageviews by 99% and time spent by 57%.

4. Now more than ever, be inventive with your marketing efforts.

The clutter of advertising today is remarkable, but there is always room for something new. It sparks interest, shares well and the PR goes far. Let’s take Coke, as a brand, how do you get a bump of 2.5% from past years of a steady decline? They created a unique, sharable experience by adding human names to their bottles and cans. The second wave of this campaign allowed customers to go online and personalize a bottle to be sent with free shipping.

5. HIRE the right agency.

It’s possible today that you aren’t getting the results because your agency or in-house team has quit learning or is not willing to take risks. Your brand depends on stirring the pot, which keeps your company thriving and excitement within your culture. Smaller agencies have become very popular again because the attention to detail and making your dollars go farther has become the mainstay of these smaller digital agencies. If you need global reach, maybe a medium or large agency is the right fit. But do yourself a favor and start the conversation.

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