Now I Am Stuck On Band-Aid® 54 Ways

So I have a cut on my finger from yard work and I go to the local drugstore to get my adhesive bandage. Funny, but as I typed that, it doesn’t sound right. We call tissues- Kleenex®, just as we call mayonnaise- Miracle Whip® and even paper towels are Scot Towels®. It is only fitting to call adhesive bandages…Band-Aids®. The common statement from moms all around the country when their son/daughter has a boo-boo is, “lets go get a band-aid”. And my five year old daughter actually thinks it STOPS the pain.

Years and years of marketing has brought these brands into their own categories. But this is not what this blog is about. It’s about what Band-Aid has done with this outstanding brand. As I walked to the isle for my adhesives, I was overwhelmed at how many choices I have regarding the Band-Aid brand. Read more

The Decline of the American Household

An astonishing report from Ad Age, shows that the marketing landscape has changed when it comes to the American Household. Once the target for most marketers, this study shows the decline of households of married couples with children will have many marketers re-evaluating their efforts. Below is an excerpt from the article on, be sure to click over and check out the data chart that shows the glaring decline over time. Read more

Ray Ban Stays Brand Loyal

I’ve decided I want to a new pair of sunglasses. And not just any old sunglasses – I want Ray Bans! Of course I do. If I haven’t mentioned it before I will now – I am a slave to packaging. I love marketing and I will buy anything that is packaged and marketed well.

Now there are things in my life that I will spend money on, but sunglasses have never been one of them. I don’t take care of them. I leave them in my purse without protection and they get all scratched up. I like different looks so I like to buy lots of different kinds of sunglasses and then toss them around. Read more