Simple Ways that Small Businesses Can Use Data to Build Better Customer Relationships

In this day and age, it’s pretty difficult for consumers to not be inundated with dozens of advertisements. As such, targeting your audience has become more important than ever, especially when it comes to running a smaller business. The most effective way to target your audience is to make use of the consumer data that you have access to. Knowing how to use the data you have can go a long way towards building customer relationships.

However, having consumer data is a lot different than knowing how to make it actionable, which can make the data you have very intimidating. The following are the three steps that you should take to so that you can leverage your data to build strong customer relationships:

1. Organize

Collecting data is the easy part. You can obtain valuable customer data from a variety of sources, including your opt-in forms, customer surveys, and even by simply asking direct questions on social media. Organizing this data is another matter. You’ll want to use the data you’ve collected to segment your audience based on shared traits. For example, you could organize your customers by their location, by their level of engagement, or by their purchase behaviors. This allows you to personalize your content much more and is especially helpful for strategies such as email marketing.Customer Relationships

2. Find Insights

When organizing the data you’ve collected, you can find insights into your customers that you may not have noticed before.  If you’re segmenting your audience by location, you may find that a significant part hails from one area you didn’t know about. For instance, say you’re based out of Chicago and you sell winter clothes. You may have been focusing mostly on marketing your products to the midwest. However, from the data you’ve collected, you may find out that you actually have a significant amount of customers located in the NYC area. You can use this information to your advantage to increase your reach. One way would be by sending content to these customers based on their time zone. You could create content that’s more relevant to them, or even consider opening a store in the area.

3. Use Visuals

When leveraging the insights you’ve gathered into your customers from the data that you’ve collected and organized, you should strongly consider creating more visual content. While written content can be effective as well, it’s worth noting that the human brain processes imagery 60 times faster than it’s capable of processing text. If you want to take advantage of those insights, you should create more visual content. Even adding pictures to your written content can be extremely helpful when it comes to engaging your audience.

One of your main marketing goals should be building better customer relationships. To do this, you need to make effective use of the customer data that you already have access to. Use the customer data that you’re constantly collecting by organizing it and gathering insights based on it. Then leverage it to your advantage by creating visually engaging content.

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