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Free Marketing Tools To Start Using Today

There are so many marketing tools available, that you can easily get overwhelmed trying to sort through them all and find the one that’s right for your business. But finding the right tool doesn’t have to be difficult and in some cases, it doesn’t even have to cost you anything. Here are nine of our favorite free marketing tools that you can start using to improve your marketing results today.

9 marketing tools that you can start using to improve your marketing results today

1. Hootsuite

With multiple accounts to constantly monitor, keeping track of your company’s social media can be a very difficult task. Luckily, Hootsuite offers a free, social media management system that allows you to monitor the mentions, interactions and notifications for your social media platforms. It’s compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ and allows you to schedule posts to all of your social media profiles, all from an easy-to-use dashboard.

2. SurveyMonkey

Market research will always play a big role in how a business makes their decisions. One of the best ways for conducting market research is by creating surveys. Conducting surveys can be difficult with all of the steps involved, like creating, distributing, and collecting the data for review … but that is where SurveyMonkey comes in. SurveyMonkey assists you in the process of creating and distributing surveys to your target audience and getting their responses back in real time. SurveyMonkey will help you make better, smarter decisions with real feedback from you database.

3. Canva

Creating the best, most eye-catching graphic is a difficult thing to do without the proper tools or years of design experience. However, Canva is a design website that supplies everything that you will need to help create the perfect graphic. Canva allows you to create infographics, brochures, any other type of graphic you may need with their unique and beautiful design templates.

4. Grammarly

Have you ever sent out a newsletter that had a typo you were unaware of? Catching every little grammatical error may be difficult even for the most experienced writers and editors. Luckily, Grammarly offers a free, easily downloadable browser extension that will check your writing for any grammatical errors. Using Grammarly can help you help make sure that your blogs, emails, memos, or any other piece of writing will go out without any typos.

5. Google Analytics

If you don’t already have Google Analytics installed on your website, you should probably fix that immediately. Google Analytics allows you to better track, monitor, and understand your customer’s experience on your website. With the Google Analytics tool, you can find out how users came to your site and what they did once they got there. You can create goals that will allow you to track contact form submissions, purchases, and other conversion points providing you with invaluable data that you can use to improve your website and drive more business.

6. Moz

If you need help monitoring and evaluating your website, then Moz is here to help. Moz offers free tools that can help monitor your website’s performance and evaluate it for search engine optimization. While, Moz offers many paid tools and programs, they also have a few freebies that can help you improve your online performance:

  • Keyword Explorer – to help you research the best keywords for your brand
  • Open Site Explorer – to identify content and link building opportunities
  • Moz Tool Bar – social and on-page meta data for every website you visit

7. OnPage Optimization Tool

You have spent a lot of time creating a great website, full of interesting content. To get the best results out of your website, using the OnPage Optimization Tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas can help. Their Optimization tool checks allows you to easily check Meta information, internal links, and page content so you can get the most SEO out of your website.

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8. Wistia

Creating the perfect is difficult, and uploading to the right spot can be just as difficult. Wistia is a video platform that allows you to upload videos and play them directly on your website. You can control how the videos look on search and social and get access to a wide range of detailed analytics. And unlike other video platforms, Wistia allows you to easily optimize your video for SEO so it ranks for pages on your website, not the video upload website.

9. Peek User Testing

When you bring customers to your website, you want them to spend as much time as possible browsing through all of the great content that you provide. It would be a shame if they click on a page and it doesn’t open properly or look the way that you intended. Having an outside perspective on your website after it has been published to make sure it looks and feels as good as you imagined is a very smart idea. Peek User Testing does just that. Real users will use your website or app and then provide feedback so you can make sure everything is ready before it goes public.

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