The Important Differences Between Storytelling and Storybranding

People often think of business storytelling and storybranding as the same thing. Both can be found in the same story toolbox, but they are as different as a flat blade and a Phillips screwdriver. Both storytelling and storybranding are part of attraction marketing.

Storytelling is the more commonly used tool.

You may not be aware of it, but anytime you talk about events associated with how you or your company has had to deal with some problem, you are telling a story. If your story is well told, your audience will be able to visualize what happened and identify with the central problem as you describe it. And if you’ve captivated their interest, you might hear a “Wow!,” “Really?,” “Oh No!,” or get some other emotional reaction. Read more

holiday digital marketing

Enhance Your Holiday Digital Marketing Strategy

The Holiday season is the busiest shopping time of the year. More and more, shoppers are researching gifts, hunting for the best deals and making purchases online without stepping foot inside of a store.

Get the most out of your holiday digital marketing campaigns by using a combination of Email, Social Media and Retargeting. Read more