How To Nurture Your Leads With Email Marketing

How To Nurture Your Leads With Email Marketing

Despite some claims that email is dead, it is still a highly effective way for marketers to connect with consumers. It is an integral part of inbound marketing as well as attraction marketing, and is a great way to send nurture leads throughout the buying process. Here are a few email best practices that will help nurture your leads.


The segmentation of your contacts database will help define your audience into categories. If you are unfamiliar with buyer personas, read about them here, as they will be extremely useful in segmenting your contacts. Segmenting be done in terms of geographic location, company type, role within that company, behavior, marketing intelligence, or any other category that could be valuable to your company. Use segmenting to your advantage by targeting those different groups with useful content based on their specific needs.


Email, unlike many other mediums, has the ability to be highly personal. Personalization lets your audience know they are communicating with a real person, not just a company name. This will mean personalization on both ends; sending your emails from a real person, as well as addressing the people you are sending the emails to. Personalization is known to create better results. In fact, research from the Aberdeen Group shows that personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14 percent and conversions by 10 percent. If your emails are personalized to your leads, they will be more motivated to open your email and respond to your Calls To Action.

Buyer’s Journey

The Buyer’s Journey is an integral part of a successful inbound marketing program. Looking at the Buyer’s Journey of your leads will help determine the best types of content to send, as well as when you should send it. The ultimate goal is to earn your leads’ business when they are ready to make their decision.

With Inbound Marketing, it is also extremely important to make sure that your marketing and sales teams are aligned with the same goals. Read  4 Tips To Keep Sales & Marketing On The Same Track.

By examining what stage of the Buyer’s Journey your leads are in, you are able to see what types of content offers will be the most helpful to them during that time. For more information about each stage of the Buyer’s Journey, read The Buyer’s Journey Explained Stage By Stage.

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Inbound marketing will help you grow your business by attracting website visitors, converting them into leads and closing leads into customers