Marketing Strategies In Times of Fear and Uncertainty

In order to have reassured customers, they must first be reassured by your marketing strategies. Unfortunately, there is much uncertainty in the world, and that’s truer now than ever before. It’s no secret that the coronavirus has left many people in a state of fear, anxiety and grief. We know this is a great time to be marketing- but perhaps unsure what is best for every customer during these times. While these concerns are well-founded, it’s important to keep a positive attitude. Your marketing strategies should therefore be about helping your customers keep that positive attitude. Here are a few ways to help them do just that.

Love Your Customers

A great idea is to reach out to every one of your customers. Either that or have your sales and client service teams send personal notes to check in on your customers. Now is the best time to thank them for their support and their business. Do more than just a company email. Ask how they are holding up. It’ll will go a long way in cementing your relationship with your customers.

Reconsider Your Marketing Mix

Another idea to consider pulling any outbound advertising. Shift those funds into content creation. Amplify your best thought leadership and share your articles.

More than likely your annual event schedule is either not happening or is cancelled. Consider how to make it an amazing virtual experience. Bring in experts in your industry to speak to the latest trends. Get your customers to share their success. And create a plan to use all that content and re-purpose it into articles you can share on your website.

Webinars are certainly another great place to start. Setup monthly sessions to stay connected with your prospects. One thing that may be a concern: so many companies are making this shift. Think about how you can be different? Use professional speakers. Conduct an ask-me-anything. Maybe even offer a prospect some free advice or assessments. Long term thinking is exactly what we all need to do right now. Any video content at this point is doing extremely well; as people are home and watching more and more.

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Be Thoughtful and Intentional

Over the last few months, we have seen business leaders and marketers acting thoughtfully and with intention. Changing business operations to include “social distancing,” mandating that all workers able to work remotely do so, moving as much work online as possible, and limiting the amount of in-person interaction possible. These decisions are all thoughtful and intentional choices that demonstrate concern for individuals.

Marketers should be continuing to be thoughtful and intentional in their marketing strategy efforts. It’s ok to still post blog posts as long as the topics are worthwhile to the audience. It’s ok to send an email newsletter if the content is sensitive to the audience and offering value. Remember that many folks are taking their additional time right now to improve their skill set or expand their knowledge. They are focusing on the future and your content or materials will help to educate them while also letting them take their mind off the uncertainty surrounding them.

Connect with Your Teammarketing strategies2

Get together with your marketing colleagues and brainstorm new ideas. Reach out to your colleagues in the sales organization and find out what needs to be updated. Get time with executives and stakeholders across the company to reset expectations.

Everyone is feeling the same way: worried, anxious, afraid. So reach out and connect with them personally. If you don’t already have one, check into the opportunity for mental health services for your company; make sure everyone is aware of tele-health options for doctors. This may sound like HR stuff, but we’re great communicators in marketing. Let’s help everyone out!

Stay Positive and Optimistic

The most important marketing strategy to keep in mind is this: things will get better. People are still shopping and researching, but maybe just not this paycheck. We need to continue marketing and stay top of mind. Try and find the stories of hope that keep you positive. Think about all the healthcare workers putting their lives at risk to help others. As well as the volunteers who have signed up to offer free mental health support.

In conclusion having these marketing strategies is very important in long- term and short- term for several reasons. That is because, we still have an important job to do. Like those on the front lines of every crisis, we try and help out a little more, in any way we can.