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The Perfect Holiday Gift For Your Resort And Your Customers

Looking for a way to boost occupancy and improve revenue? Try gift cards. Many resort properties are capitalizing on the holiday season by offering gift cards redeemable for room nights, spa services, special packages, dining options, and more. Pheasant Run Resort in the western suburbs of Chicago has taken to advertising its gift card program….

Attraction Marketing II: The Marketing March

Attraction Marketing is the process of making your company, its products, services and culture more attractive to prospects by driving marketing initiatives with the people you already employ. How to process this activity to steadily move your marketing forward, using data to guide you, is called “The Marketing March.” The strategies outlined in Attraction Marketing….

Attraction Marketing I: Drawing Prospects To You

Often marketing is something only focused on once or twice a year. You may be buying media today, running online listings on Web sites your prospects frequent. You may even be using Google AdWords and some limited print. But so is your competition. How are you going to stand apart? Increasing your spending may not….

Resort Email Subject Lines of the Month For September

Below are some of the top email subject lines from resort/hotel email marketing campaigns that we saw during the month of September. Getaway this Month with our NEW Hot August Nights Package Wake Up to the Beauty of Eagle Ridge Make some memories at The Lake before the end of Summer Your Labors Deserve A….

Attraction Marketing: How Can You Do More Within Your Organization To Draw Business To You?

Over the past two years we have been asked by many companies what they can be doing themselves to improve their result in marketing. Budgets are tight and often people have time on their hands due to decrease workloads or seasonality. In June 2009 we began work on strategies that companies can implement with their….

Pandering Your Way To Profits? Most Likely Not.

Everyone in business today feels the need to do more with less; fewer people and smaller budgets. Sure, it’s 2010 and things were supposed to be better by now, but many marketing professionals are still adjusting and cutting advertising spending. Many of the prospects we speak with are dealing with this by cutting across the….

Staying Forever Young In Senior Living Advertising

Think seniors aren’t online? Think again. A recent Nielson report shows that the number of adults 65 years old or older actively using the Internet has increased by more than 55 percent in the last five years. That’s more than 17 million people who you can reach online. Senior living marketing has become very popular…..

Crossing the Generation Gap in Real Estate Marketing

Real estate is any industry where buying decisions truly are made across multiple generations. Fist-time homebuyers often are just out of college and ready to move from their parents’ place or have worked for a few years and can’t wait to get out of that cramped apartment. At the opposite end of the spectrum are….

Customer Service is an Extension of Your Marketing Efforts

Not even the best marketing or the best “deal” can make up for poor customer service during the sales process. Here’s an example. Last fall, I needed to purchase new tires for my car so I made an appointment online at a local discount tire retailer. I was enticed by the “sale.” After receiving a….

P&G Pushes Design in Brand-Building Strategy

As in-store marketing grows in importance and marketers focus more at winning over consumers at the shelf, one discipline is seeing its star rise: design. No less a giant than has incorporated design into its comprehensive brand-building function under the group headed by Global Brand-Building Officer Marc Pritchard. After initially carving design shops out of….