Attraction Marketing Shines a Bright Spotlight on Your Business

Attraction marketing shines a bright spotlight on your business by driving customers to you and making what you do more attractive to them. In short, attraction marketing takes what you’re already doing with your marketing efforts and magnifying them in a way that draws customers into your business.

Setting yourself apart from your competition is key to leveraging inbound marketing

One way of looking at it form a business-focused mindset is to use Michael Porter’s generic brand strategy of differentiation while adding your own buyer personas to narrow your focus. Of course, all of this is subject to your inbound marketing strategy and how you choose to leverage the existing marketing you have in place.

Attraction Marketing Strategy

Like most of inbound marketing, attraction marketing works best with a rock-solid strategy built on best practices and adapted to your company’s needs and target audience. Making your company and yourself more approachable and attractive to visitors will help drive leads and in turn boost sales from those attraction-focused leads.

It’s important to know exactly what your end goal is for your marketing, hence development of an attraction marketing strategy. Your strategy should keep your business goals, buyer personas, and metrics front and foremost while leaving some room to make business-specific adjustments and decisions based on your inbound goals.

For a broad overview of developing a brand marketing strategy check out these blogs:

Attraction Marketing is the process of making your company, its products, services and culture more attractive to prospects by driving specific marketing initiatives. 
Attraction Marketing focuses on pull strategies that draw interest to help you “get on the list” and help you “stay on the list”. Some of these strategies include: 

Storybranding – Tell Great Stories

The most iconic and memorable brands insert their beliefs into your psyche. Using storybranding is how those iconic brands create an enduring, lifelong value or belief system that sticks with customers. In other words, companies become identified by their ideals and personified through them. Storybranding is an attraction marketing tactic that creates an inseparable blond between your company, its belief system, and the beliefs of your customers.

Here are some guides on storybranding your company:

business story

Website – Make it Attractive

Without an attractive website, most of your company’s web visitors will flee the scene before you can even tag them as witnesses. An attractive, functional, user-friendly, and outwardly inbounded website can make all the difference in getting folks to your website and converting them into leads. How they get to your website is a different story, and it starts with SEO.

Get Found with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to getting prospective clients to your site during the initial search phase of their buying journey. SEO gets your hard working web pages to the top of the proverbial “Google ladder” and gives your company exposure without necessarily spending advertising dollars. Here are a few great resources for how to dial up some excellent SEO:

Discover How AI Marketing Effects SEO

Once on your website, users must have both a dearth of useful content and a way to go further down the rabbit hole. This is where CTAs come in to play for your website. If your company’s site is adequately optimized (see above), you’ve got some solid keywords, and you’ve loaded down with some quality content, then CTAs are the next logical step in your attraction marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization

There are lots of great ways to incorporate CTAs into your site, but here are a couple of resources:

Growth-Driven Web Design

Growth-driven web design focuses on using an operational website often published in somewhat of a rough draft form as a sort of testing grounds for your marketing team to see what works and what can be improved. Instead of designing and developing a new website every 3-4 years, you can create a “launch-pad” website focused on making updates based on hard data collected from your visitors and making improvements throughout the year.

GDWD isn’t for the faint of heart, though.

You should carefully consider if this way of web design is best for your company; consider if GDWD is right for your business by reading through these references:

Setting yourself apart from your competition is key to leveraging inbound marketing

Thought Leadership – Be Helpful

Be a helpful thought leader by creating excellent content that guides your prospective clients throughout their buying journey. Be there from the beginning of their buying journey throughout the sales process. A quick guide for creating quality content is:

  1. Make your prospects aware they have a problem to solve.
  2. Help prospects by identifying their problem solving options.
  3. Offer support to help them realize they are working with the right company to help them achieve their goals.

Supporting potential customers throughout their buying journey helps guide their decision making and keeps them in your content and under your control. Here are two key resources for thought leadership:

Social Media – Share Enthusiastically

Social media is your brand’s portal to the world in so many ways. Consistent social media gives your brand an active presence, keeps your prospects interested, and helps you make concise, focused posts displaying your thought leadership. In addition, social media sites provide massive indexing for SEO which goes hand-in-hand with a quality social media strategy.

For more on how social media impacts your attraction marketing strategy and some tips for creating a bulletproof social media marketing campaign, check out these links:

Trade Show Marketing

Trade shows are your opportunity to be seen by prospective clients, but simply showing up and being present may not be enough. Making your time at trade shows worth the while requires work to maximize your results through participation in community, trade, and professional association events. They key to making an impact at trade shows is to set goals and pre-plan every event. Here’s how to show up in style at a trade show:

Lead Nurturing

All of your well prepared content, landing pages, and lead generation will be nullified if you don’t nurture your leads. Strategic and well-timed emails can be the difference between a sale and a lead gone cold. Lead nurturing is truly where your marketing and sales come together in a harmonious marriage. The goal of lead nurturing is to offer interesting and highly-relevant content to your leads focused around a detailed plan for messaging and scheduling communications.

email marketing

Focus on common questions your prospects may have, convey your brand’s competitive advantages, push educational content, and build trust through your lead nurturing campaigns. Lead nurturing is multifaceted, but here are some great places to start:

Marketing Metrics

Of course, all of the online marketing in the world can only get you so far without quantitative analysis which is where the beauty of all-in-one inbound marketing lies. Assessing the success of your inbound strategy may be as simple as looking at lead conversion rates and quality visits to your website, but you’re likely going to desire more from your inbound suite.

Most importantly, you’ll want to compare your goals versus your results, benchmark your competition, evaluate financial spending, and evaluate your lead nurturing processes. For more on marketing metrics, check out this post:

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