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5 Tools For Oral Business Storytelling

Oral stories told in a business context, make up a unique category within the whole storytelling genre. They fall somewhere between the extremes of your basic TV news story and stories delivered by performance artists. Stories told in business settings are necessarily short, conversational, and only work if they make a relevant point. Nevertheless, business….


The Important Differences Between Storytelling and Storybranding

People often think of business storytelling and storybranding as the same thing. Both can be found in the same story toolbox, but they are as different as a flat blade and a Phillips screwdriver. Both storytelling and storybranding are part of attraction marketing. Storytelling is the more commonly used tool. You may not be aware….


How To Create A Brand Story

Storytelling is an ancient art form, which has scientifically been proven to aid memory, making it the ideal vehicle for promoting products and creating successful branding. Learning how to tell your brand story begins with understanding the role of characters. At the heart of the story lays the characters. It is through your characters that….


The Power of Story Branding: What We Can Learn from Successful Brand Stories

In a competitive marketplace, the use of storytelling in branding can make a significant impact. This article explores successful brand stories and extracts valuable lessons that can be applied to your own brand strategy. By incorporating relatable protagonists, emotional appeals, authenticity, and purpose, brands can create a lasting connection with their audience. Discover the power of brand storytelling and learn from renowned brands to elevate your marketing efforts.