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Will Apple’s iTunes Radio Put a Lock on Pandora’s Box?

Apple recently announced an addition to its new iOS7 software, which will incorporate its own version of Pandora’s Internet Radio service titled, iTunes Radio. The service will function very similarly to Pandora, but will harness the data accumulated through the user’s iTunes account in order to see what music the listener currently likes, has liked….

The Trends Guiding Great Email Design

Author: Chad White | June 18, 2013 | Media Post We recently released “The Best of the Email Swipe File,” which identifies five trends affecting email design and highlights 20 examples that best exemplify those trends. The Mobile-Friendly trend addresses the shift from wide screens and mice to narrow screens and fat fingers with mobile-aware….

In Life and Advertising, Can Less Be More?

We are busy. Everyone is busy. Each of us manages many different tasks throughout the day, but how often do we pause to think about what we’re really doing? Are we just checking things off our never-ending To Do list, or are we engaging mindfully in actions that will bring us closer to our goals?….

The Biggest Marketing in the History of Marketing is to get you relaxed

So a common conversation I hear often begins with “Does marketing work”? If marketing didn’t work, how did you know about the new shows or movies coming out? What signaled you that the new iPad minis were shipping? Marketing is everywhere from bands to what telephone service you choose. But in my estimation the greatest….

How small businesses, associations, and other B-2-B organizations can embrace brand advocates

With the explosion of social media, more and more consumer organizations are successfully taking advantage of brand advocacy to promote their brands. For small businesses, associations, and other B-2-B organizations, this may seem a bit more challenging—as tangible products more easily develop the level of fanaticism necessary to cultivate advocacy. But that doesn’t mean that….

Is Crowdfunding as a Social Media Strategy Here to Stay or Just a Passing Fad?

Have you heard about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter miracle? In just 11 hours, the ever-loyal fan-base of the cancelled show guaranteed that their favorite adult Nancy Drew-esque sleuth would return, this time to the big screen, to the tune of $2 million. The excitement for some is palpable. What exactly is crowdfunding? Is this the sign of a….

5 Keys to Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

There are no hard and fast rules for social media marketing campaigns. What works well for one company could fail magnificently for another. Searching for sure-fire techniques is like searching for Amelia Earhardt, answers are out there, but they’re just really hard to find. You want buzz. You want a unique message that says, “This….

Consumers Like Brands That Are Family-Owned

In the large and largely anonymous world of home cleaning products, it would probably come as a surprise to most consumers that the Bissell brand is a family-owned company that’s been run by Bissells for 137 years. And while the Bissells are obviously proud of their vacuums, they never saw family ownership as a marketing….

The Marketing Lesson of Lance Armstrong

Ouch! Lance Armstrong finally comes clean after lying for so many years. But how did we totally find out about the truth? Oprah Winfrey! Here is an inventive way to get the word out. However, the ratings failed. Let me put it in perspective: 34 million watched Bill and Hillary Clinton in regards to Gennifer….

What To Know When Including Google+ Into Your Social Media Marketing Plan

When Google announced that they would be releasing a new social media platform, heads turned. Yes, the same Google that completely missed the mark with Google Buzz not too long ago.  Even so, people were intrigued and the hype surrounding the release was contagious. Then the invites went out. People quickly signed up while others….