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How Much To Advertise on Instagram And Why It ‘s Worth The Cost

As many businesses have realized, visual content engages leads much more effectively than written content. The reason is simple: humans are visual creatures and process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. It’s no wonder why social platforms that focus on visual content are growing in popularity. Take for example Instagram, which as of 2018….

Developing the Perfect Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

The buyer’s journey has changed a lot over the years. This is a result of the consumer’s ability to explore multiple channels online and to engage in multiple ways. There is no distinct path that takes them from point A to point B in order to make a purchase. While one customer might begin doing….


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For more information, contact: Debbie Szwast IHCA/ICAL- Nicole Wagner will Speak at Convention September 11 LOMBARD, IL May 10, 2019- Stevens & Tate Marketing is proud to announce they will speak for the first time at the Illinois Health Care Association (IHCA/ICAL) Convention and Expo. Internet Director Nicole Wagner presents at the Convention that….

How Having a Real Time Location System Can Benefit Campaign Performance

As you likely know, mobile marketing is an incredibly effective way to reach a significant part of your audience. Companies that aren’t leveraging mobile marketing at this point are going to be on the brink of falling behind their competition if they haven’t already. However, while most businesses understand that they should optimize their online….

What’s Trending in Marketing for May 2019

Staying current on recent marketing trends is an excellent way to reflect and verify whether your marketing efforts are harmonious with what’s going on in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. We’re aware that keeping up with these trends can often be difficult given the abundance of information thrown at us every day. The following articles come from popular marketing….

Stevens & Tate Recognized as a Top Illinois Web Design Agency on DesignRush

We are thrilled to announce that DesignRush has given us yet another recognition- this time as a Top Illinois Web Design Agency of 2019! At Stevens & Tate, we are committed to developing an impactful web design for our clients that will turn their website visitors into leads. In fact, we have even composed a….


AHCA/NCAL- Dan Gartlan Will Speak at Conference In October, 2019

President of Stevens & Tate Marketing, Dan Gartlan will be presenting at this year’s AHCA/NCAL 2019 Conference in Orlando, FL. The presentation is titled “Four Actionable Strategies to Improve Marketing Results”. Walk away with an understanding about the fundamentals of four marketing strategies and the value of using these together. Participants can expect a high….


Nicole Wagner to Speak at IHCA/ICAL Conference September 2019

Nicole Wagner will be representing Stevens & Tate for the first time at the IHCA/ICAL Conference & Expo in Illinois this September. The session is titled “Congratulations! You’ve Launched a New Website- Now What?” Your website is essential to attracting new prospects and for providing valuable and relevant information to decision makers. However, if it….

Stevens & Tate Recognized as a Top Digital Marketing Company on Design Rush

Another awesome recognition! We are incredibly proud to announce that Stevens & Tate has been recognized as a Top Digital Marketing Company of 2019 on Design Rush! At Stevens & Tate Marketing, our primary focus is on impacting businesses and finding marketing solutions for our clients. Thus, our agency aims to help businesses solve their….

Brand Leverage Marketing: Partnering with a Positive Brand Brings Attention to Your Own

Brand Leveraging is quickly becoming more common as it becomes harder for messages to break through the clutter. This marketing strategy uses the power of an existing brand  to support a company’s entry into a new but related product category by communicating valuable product information to the consumer. Utilizing recognizable visual stimuli, familiar voice endorsements, and….