Crescent Cardboard

Crescent Cardboard retains Stevens and Tate to Revamp Marketing Efforts

Crescent Cardboard, the recognized leader in manufacturing and marketing of paper and mat board products for the custom framing and art materials markets, has retained Stevens & Tate Marketing to revamp its marketing efforts to frame shops. The agency was brought on board to define Crescent’s unique selling proposition, create specific messaging for this select audience, and push that message out to frame shop owners and employees across North America. Through its Competitive Advantages Workshop, Stevens & Tate is narrowing down Crescent’s reasons to buy and making them easily understandable and memorable. The agency is developing a comprehensive outreach strategy that includes public relations along with partnering with trade media outlets to advertise to their captive audience both digitally and in print. To strengthen Crescent’s relationship with current customers and keep the company top of mind with prospects, Stevens & Tate is creating and implementing a lead nurturing program, as well. An ongoing inbound marketing program is being established that positions Crescent as a thought leader through blog posts, social media, and web content. In addition to adding resources to the website, Stevens & Tate is making the site more searchable through search engine optimization.

An industry leader for more than 100 years, Crescent offers a vast selection of museum-quality, conservation, and decorative matboards along with a variety of framing products and art supplies. The private and family-owned company maintains a global market presence responding to the needs of its customers wherever they may be.

Village Green

Village Green Real Estate and Development hires Stevens and Tate Marketing to Help Meet Expansion Goals

Village Green Real Estate and Development has added Stevens & Tate Marketing to its team, handing over the advertising reigns for its senior living properties. The agency is tasked with developing a strong marketing program to meet expansion goals for The Carolina Highlands and The Carolina Inn. Marketing both together, Stevens & Tate is repositioning them as one all-inclusive senior living environment in the Village Green neighborhood of Fayetteville, North Carolina. During its Competitive Advantages Discovery process, Stevens & Tate found each property has a unique selling proposition yet both share several reasons to buy. New messaging combines both to create an overarching brand with the ability to promote properties individually. Stevens & Tate is mixing traditional media such as newspapers, direct mail, and directories with digital and social media campaigns plus outreach emails to communicate with seniors as well as their adult children. Google Ads are a key component to reaching all audiences who are actively seeking more information on independent and assisted living. Complementary designs visually tell the all-inclusive story in new brochures and on all-new websites.

The Carolina Highlands and The Carolina Inn are operated by Village Green Real Estate and Development. As part of the Village Green neighborhood—Fayetteville’s senior living destination—they offer access to a continuum of care with independent living in The Carolina Highlands, assisted living at The Carolina Inn, and skilled nursing and rehab.

Marketing Trends 2

What’s Trending in Marketing for August 2020

Staying current on marketing trends is especially important to assess whether your marketing efforts are harmonious with today’s evolving world. We know the difficulty of keeping up with these trends given the abundance of information thrown at us every day. The following articles highlight current August 2020 marketing trends that we think are worth paying attention to:

Noteworthy Marketing News

Hulu Launches Beta for Self-Serve Advertising Platform

In effort to combat the negative economic backlash of Covid-19, Hulu has created an opportunity for small businesses to use its platform. Hulu has recently launched a self-service advertisement program eligible for any company with a minimum ad budget as low as $500. The process is simple: a company creates and submits a 15-30 second creative video along with details on budget, date range, and an area to upload the ad to Hulu Ad Manager. Hulu approves or denies within 3 days. Brands also have the option to specify their target market by age, gender, genre and location. Hulu provides approved brands with a simple walk-through of set-up and launch. For this program, Hulu permits a maximum of one version of a creative video per campaign.

As part of its recent Enabling Dishonest Behavior Policy, Google Ads is banning any advertising for “spyware and surveillance technology” in both search and shopping starting August 11. Examples of services include fake passports, fake degrees or diplomas, drug test aids, exam or paper writing services, invalid reviews and clicks, and fake social media endorsements. Examples of unauthorized access includes hacking, cable-stealing, radar jamming technology, traffic signal changers, and phone/wiretapping. Google explains that its list is not exhaustive and only mentioned for example. Google exemplifies spyware as GPS trackers, cameras/recorders marketed for spying purposes, and software that monitors someone else’s texts and phone calls, with the exception of parents tracking underage children. Violators on Google Ads will receive a 7-day warning.

Social Short: Twitter Ad Engagement Drops, Snap Minis Launch, more brands pause Facebook Ads

Twitter’s ad revenues have fallen in the past years though daily active user rates have increased. However, Twitter’s CFO Ned Segal is confident in the rebuilding process of Twitter’s ad server. He expresses optimism for the future of advertisements on Twitter through the advantage the platform has for live events.  Snapchat reports a 17% increase in revenues. Though its audience is largely younger, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel found that the average number of users on the Discover page are in their thirties. Additionally, the platform has benefited from the increasing Facebook ad withdrawals. Twitter has also taken action against QAnon content, suspending thousands of accounts for sharing or associating with any “conspiracy theory-ridden content”.

Improving your Marketing Program

Lessons Learned: Buyer Persona Gone Wrong

Before a company can establish a solid marketing plan, it must be aware of the specific target markets or customer profiles it has the best chance to attract to its product or service. Creating a buyer persona is essential to effective attraction marketing. In order to perfect your approach in buyer persona launch, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

30 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement & Following

Looking for ways to boost your social media brand presence? Knowing how to increase brand engagement on Instagram, the latest and hippest social media platform app, is a great start. People are online all day due to working from home. Virtual shopping has risen due to restrictions and pandemic fears. As we have geared toward a more online world, your brand’s presence on the web is more important now than ever. According to Forbes, 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business or brand, and 200 million users on Instagram visit business profiles daily. 70% of users turn to Instagram to look up a brand, and 60% learn about new products using Instagram. Now is the time to catch up with the competition that is already using these trends to their advantage.

Istanbul, Turkey – December 15, 2018: Person holding a brand new Apple iPhone X with Instagram profile on the screen. Instagram is an online mobile social networking service, launched in October 2010.

5 Ways to Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B marketing can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you don’t have a clear cut marketing strategy in place. To have any hope of running a successful B2B marketing campaign, you’ll need to establish what your goals are. Once you’ve done so, you should implement marketing strategies that will support those goals and help you achieve them. The following are five B2B marketing tips that you should use to help improve your marketing efforts.

Free Digital Marketing Tools To Cope With COVID-19

Recent Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

No in-person events until 2nd half of 2021, marketers say

According to a recent Marketing Land survey of 300 people, 3 out of 10 people responded that they anticipate attending in-person events in the first half of 2021. In another survey, 70% of respondents plan to attend solely online events until a Covid-19 vaccine emerges.

U.S. Mobile Ad Spending Update

In March, E Marketer’s Mobile Ad Spending Report forecasted that the pandemic would cause a 20% increase in mobile ad spending, but they have now updated this expectancy and reduced it to 4.8% growth. Among mobile advertising results, location-based advertising has suffered, and gaming and streaming video apps have done well. This year’s lost growth in mobile ad spending will affect overall spending through at least 2024.

COVID-19 Is the Asteroid That Struck American Small Business

Positive news regarding the virus is 78% of small businesses report being able to survive 7 to 12 months or more with existing cash on hand, and 57% could last over a year. Restaurants suffered primarily, as there were over 133,000 business closures total and of the 26,000 Yelp restaurants that have been closed since March, 60% were now permanently closed. A majority of 92% of businesses report pivoting strategy in at least one way form the pandemic. The most common change was a creation of delivery channel, and 96% of businesses reported planning to keep some new services and channels post-pandemic, while 43% will maintain all changes. Find out more on Search Engine Land.


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Bob Ward Homes Employs Steven & Tate To Increase Brand Awareness and Develop Stronger Social Media Presence











Lombard, Ill.–Bob Ward Companies hired Stevens & Tate to help increase awareness of its company in the Baltimore area and drive on-site traffic. 

Stevens & Tate has helped with assembling Bob Ward Companies’ brand by creating its agency of record, developing relationships through lead nurturing, advertising to targeted audiences with media planning and buying, and improving its creative strategy. Bob Ward Homes employed Stevens & Tate to help establish a look for its brand by designing and further developing its website. Stevens & Tate is proud to contribute to the establishing of Bob Ward Companies and continue to help increase awareness about its company.

Bob Ward Companies is one of the largest homebuilding companies in metropolitan Baltimore. Bob Ward is known for its impressive fit, finishes, and design and has received many awards from local and national homebuilding industries for their standards of excellence. In Baltimore, Bob Ward Companies maintains a high reputation.

Stevens & Tate is happy to do business with Bob Ward Companies and help further establish its brand by creating its agency of record, media planning and buying, and website design and development. Stevens & Tate is an award-winning company that has been recognized for its on-strategy creative; integrated message and brand development; Internet and digital advertising’ and cost-effective media planning. Learn more about Stevens & Tate at or call (630) 627-5200.

bob ward 1

Bob Ward Homes Has Retained Stevens & Tate Marketing As Its Agency Of Record

Lombard, Ill.–Bob Ward Homes has retained Stevens & Tate as its agency of record. With this position, the firm will handle media planning and buying services for the Maryland home builder. It will enact digital advertising campaigns and a lead nurturing program. Stevens & Tate has also been charged with creating promotional concepts and refining the company’s brand message.

The Strategic Marketing Plan

To unify all efforts, Stevens & Tate developed a marketing plan that incorporates outreach advertising to attract new prospects and communications to the home builder’s database of leads to move them through the buyer’s journey. Outreach in the Baltimore metro area including Harford, Cecil and Carroll counties includes intervals of promotional messaging spread throughout the year to drive visitors to model homes. Recommendations reflect today’s home-shopping behaviors with an ongoing digital presence. Bob Ward Homes and its multiple communities are found when consumers are searching online or through social media. Print, digital and email ads are designed to reach specific audiences. Targeting ads geographically and behaviorally will increase efficiency. In addition, bursts of broadcast media, like radio, build brand awareness in a larger geographic area.

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On The Creative Side

Stevens & Tate’s team developed a fresh look and feel for Bob Ward Homes that bob ward 1builds on the home builder’s brand. Promotional ads are vibrant to be eye-catching and offer limited-time offers to compel buyers to act now. The lead nurturing program often reaches out to past on-site and online visitors to keep Bob Ward Homes top of mind during a long sales cycle. Messaging speaks to the buyer’s journey since it provides educational information relative to what is happening in the world today as well as with the company.

About The Home Builder

Bob Ward Homes is one of the largest home building companies in metro Baltimore and holds a high reputation. The company has earned many local and national industry awards for its standards of excellence. Their homes reflect their impressive fit, finishes, and designs.

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Stevens & Tate Marketing Retained By Central Baptist Village To Build Brand Awareness and Educate Audiences On Many Amenities It Provides

Lombard, Ill.–Central Baptist Village recruited Stevens & Tate Marketing to help improve its advertising strategy, create a comprehensive media plan, and craft its competitive advantages. 

Stevens & Tate Marketing helped raise awareness of Central Baptist Village’s locations in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. We educated audiences on the continuum of care living options it offers, drove visitors to its property and website, and created and maintained relationships with prospects in a manner that built trust throughout the buying process so prospects felt comfortable and positively influenced to make a decision.

Stevens & Tate reviewed Central Baptist Village’s current marketing efforts and made recommendations on ways to expand the clients reach to meet occupancy goals. We penned competitive advantages that distinguish the community from other senior living communities. We also implemented a Facebook advertising program to reach potential new residents and their families. Facebook ads were a cost effective way to reach a target audience.

Enjoy the article: Stevens & Tate Marketing Named as a Top B2B Company Worldwide

Central Baptist Village is a non-for-profit Life Plan Community in Norridge, Illinois. The 10-acre property is home to independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and short-term rehabilitation. Central Baptist Village is a rental community with no entrance fees and offers a continuum of care.

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top b2b company

Stevens & Tate Marketing Named as a Top B2B Company Worldwide

When it comes to branding, it’s important to be focused on the future. At Stevens & Tate Marketing, we look forward to what 2020 will bring. Clutch just announced the Clutch 1000, a list of the 1,000 highest-ranking companies on their site. We are thrilled to announce that Stevens & Tate Marketing has been placed on the Clutch 1000 for the second year in a row!

Out of over 160,000 companies on Clutch, we ranked #820 on the Clutch 1000! That puts us in the top 1% of B2B companies. We are one of 78 companies that list branding as their main service line. Stevens & Tate Marketing is the only B2B company on the list based in Lombard, Illinois!

About Stevens & Tate Marketing

Stevens & Tate Marketing is a leading Chicago-based, integrated marketing and advertising agency that services clients nationwide. We specialize in digital marketing, broadcast advertising, package design, media planning, SEO, social media, and website design.

At Stevens & Tate, we offer leadership in thinking and process. In addition, we know objectives and strategies should always be bold and measurable and that creative content must clearly convey your service or product’s unique competitive advantage.

Above all, we have proven that we can “Make Things Happen” for our client partners. Notably, our two decades of work and hundreds of satisfied clients landed us multiple accolades from the B2B Research firm Clutch. Recently, Clutch named us as a top business services provider in advertising and marketing.

About Clutch

Based in Washington, DC, Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform. Users can read through client feedback via the verified reviews on Clutch to find the best service provider for their next project.

Clutch’s primary purpose is to help small and medium-sized businesses find the right marketing agency to meet their project goals and budgetary needs. Furthermore, Clutch helps through unbiased reviews, showing agency comparisons, and sharing industry insights from thought leaders. The platform makes it easy for businesses to find case studies, client testimonials and other vital data in one location.

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Clutch analysts determine which B2B marketing agencies make its carefully constructed lists based on a methodology that relies heavily on verified client reviews. As a result, securing a position on their top 1000 list is especially meaningful to our team. We know that we earned our place based upon genuine feedback from our clients.

Also, you can find us on the Manifest, Clutch’s sister site! The Manifest is a company listing blog that features business survey data and how-to guides. Additionally, Clutch’s third site, Visual Objects, features businesses alongside a portfolio of their past work to guide users through the buying decision.

Showing Our Appreciation

“Winning this award for top-performing B2B companies our second year in a row brings clarity for our team that we are doing the right things during the day for our clients. We work with outstanding relationships, honest brand reputation and our team builds on integrity. Thanks Clutch for putting us on the list.” – Mark Beebe, Partner and Creative Director at Stevens & Tate Marketing

We are thankful for all of our past clients who have allowed us to be part of their success. We look forward to working on more projects in the future! Meanwhile, check out our Clutch profile to learn more about us or contact us to start your next project today!

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brand development

Stevens & Tate Listed as a Top Branding Agency by DesignRush

We are extremely proud to announce that Stevens & Tate Marketing has been recognized as a top branding agency of 2019 by DesignRush! At Stevens & Tate, we recognize the importance of brand development, which is why we dedicate so much of our time to perfecting it. We know what it takes to create an authentic brand for each individual client that truly encompasses who they are and what their mission is. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality results on a consistent basis. 

Our Branding Services

Here at Stevens & Tate, we provide a number of branding services including logo design, brand strategy and slogan creation. We want to help our clients differentiate themselves from the competition. Our dedication to providing top quality services for our clients is why we receive recognition from prestigious marketplaces such as DesignRush. We understand that every brand has different needs and we strive to help fulfill them. Our goal is to help all of our clients make strong connections with their customers through their developed brand identity. Not only do we assist with brand development, but we help our clients with the process of storybranding as well. 

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The Top Branding Agencies List

Being named a top branding agency by DesignRush is an honorable recognition for our company. DesignRush is a B2B marketplace that helps brands connect with full-service ad agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms, and leading technology companies. For their branding list, they searched for the top agencies that successfully helped companies use their values, missions, services, and more to create a brand that reflected their authenticity. Additionally, they included both local and global agencies, showcasing a wide variety of companies. We’re thankful that DesignRush continues to acknowledge our company as a top agency in 2019. Earlier this year, they included us in their list of top digital marketing companies of 2019, amongst other recognitions.

Our Commitment to Success

The awards we receive would not be possible without our dedicated clients. We thank our clients for driving us to succeed and stay on top of our ever-growing industry. Our collaborations and hard work lead to great achievements. We promise to continue striving for the best as the end of the year approaches and we prepare for 2020

You can check out the full list of top branding agencies of 2019 on the Design Rush website. There, you can see our profile and find out more about why we’re a top branding agency.

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LeadingAge Illinois 2020 Meeting and Expo will be held in Schaumburg, March 17-19

LeadingAge Illinois Annual Meeting and Expo—Dan Gartlan and Nicole Wagner speaking March 17-19

Come see President of Stevens & Tate Marketing, Dan Gartlan, and Internet Marketing Director, Nicole Wagner in 2020! Both have been selected to speak in March at the LeadingAge Illinois Annual Meeting and Expo. Nicole will be presenting strategies you can use to enhance your connections with prospects and get the most out of marketing automation services. Dan has two sessions scheduled, so make sure to attend both. With Dan, learn more about the best ways to differentiate your organization from the competition and how to achieve the best ROI on your spend using online and traditional mediums. More information will be available closer to the event date.

When: March 17-19, 2020

Where: Schaumburg, IL

To learn more about LeadingAge Illinois, click here!

To learn more about Stevens & Tate Marketing’s speakers and services, click here!

top business services provider award

Stevens & Tate Marketing Named as a Top Business Services Provider in Advertising and Marketing by Clutch

Here at Stevens & Tate Marketing, we strive to provide the best possible results to our clients. We’re all about making things happen, so we’re thrilled to be recognized as a leading business services provider in advertising and marketing, awarded by Clutch! We prioritize staying on top of the industry and helping our clients reach their goals, so we’re happy to see it result in this award. A special thank you to our clients for sharing details of our hard work and accomplishments in their reviews.

About Clutch

Located in Washington, D.C., Clutch focuses on cultivating ratings and reviews of B2B service providers. They work to provide accurate, verified information to businesses. We’re located on their Top Retail Ad Agencies & Marketing Companies list, emphasizing the strong services we provide to clients. With 5 reviews on our profile so far and a 5 -star rating, we’re happy to showcase our satisfied clients, like this one:

Stevens & Tate recognized as top business services provider

Other Recognition

On top of this honor, we also feature on The Manifest, one of Clutch’s sister-sites. Their platform focuses on gathering and verifying hard data, expert insights, and actionable advice for growing businesses. Furthermore, using Clutch’s other sister-site, people can read reviews on Visual Objects and see us on the Top Digital Marketing Agencies list for Chicago! This site serves as a visual catalogue for business’ looking for design partners to see past projects and portfolios.

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“This is an extraordinary endorsement for the work our team delivers every day,” Mark Beebe, partner and creative director, said. “I am very happy I have the opportunity to be surrounded by so many talented individuals to make Stevens & Tate such a powerhouse in the industry. Our team humbly thanks Clutch for such a prestigious award and we look forward to future endeavors with our clients.”

Thanks to Clutch’s recognition, we hope to continue fulfilling our clients’ needs and see our growth progress even further. We look forward to continuing to help people turn their ideas and visions into a reality, using our passion for creativity and willingness to make tailored work for our customers. We want to “make things happen” for your business, so visit our site and see all we have to offer.

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