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Key Strategies To Help Make Your Company More Attractive

Using Attraction to Draw Prospects to You Attraction Marketing is the process of making your company, its products, services and culture more attractive to prospects by driving specific marketing initiatives with the people you already employ. In short, it means improving your attractiveness to your prospects and to the marketplace. Brought on by changes due….

Targeting The Target While They Are A Target

Here are the numbers just released: 86% of adult Americans who DO NOT want political ads tailored to their interest. The total number of display ads delivered to U.S. internet users in the first quarter of 2011-$1.11 Trillion. Today the amount of display ads are $10.9 billion. That is a staggering number to understand for….

chicago advertising agency

20 Years Later, Start Up Lessons From a Chicago Advertising Agency

Typically when you start a new business, you have no idea what you are getting into or the curves along the way. Being in this position today and having survived 20 years, I feel this list will help any new business start-up. 1. The manager is incompetent Most small businesses fail because the owner does….

Advertising Consultants Say “Why Can’t Politicians Brand Themselves?”

The other day I watched an Old Navy spot. They have used those spots to get a jingle inside your head with dancers, moving cameras, vibrant colors and of course driving home what they are selling. They completely understand the relationship between visual and hearing.

Private Label Package Design Builds Loyalty for Retailers

Thanks to their increasing allure for shoppers, private-label brands—a.k.a. “house, “store,” and “own” brands—have become big business for retailers. The Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA [New York, NY]) says that over the past decade, annual sales of private-label products have risen by 40% in supermarkets and by 96% in drug chains,reaching more than $100 billion….

Do You Truly Know Your Competitive Advantage in B2B Advertising?

In business-to-business advertising, it’s essential your messaging distinguishes your company, products and/or services from the competition. That’s because when advertising in trade publications or on industry-specific business websites, your ad is likely to be seen next to or around the ads of your competitors. When targeting the same audience, what will make your ad—and therefore….

Branding for the SuperBowl

Well it’s that time of year again where the majority of agencies, design firms and anyone selling marketing gather around the television to watch commercials. It’s Superbowl time again. And to get you ready for the commercials, a national network ran a special on the best commercials for the Superbowl a few days ago and….

The New Media Mix Will Solve Planning Season Fears

This time of year can terrify even the most seasoned builder and new construction marketing teams…it’s the heart of the dreaded planning season! Don’t fear; there are ways to make the experience less frightful and more insightful. Here are some things to consider as you approach 2016. Is your spending mix designed to optimize results….

ABCs of Online Video

Building a Strategy Whether you”re a traditional publisher with corporate money at your disposal or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants blogger, you should already have a solid strategy in place that guides the content you offer on your website. For most publishers, no matter their size, that strategy involves the kind of content that your site visitors read…..

Tips to Harness Urgency in Online Sales

Consumers have instant, regular, and repeated access to online deals on fashion, home goods, travel, and gourmet foods and they are loving it. You don”t have to be a group deal or flash sale site to make urgency a priority and a strategy for your offering, but you can learn from the growing numbers of….