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Mobile Marketing: Online Coupons Boast High Redemption Rate

The recession has encouraged a host of deal-seeking behavior among consumers, including searching out online and mobile coupons as well as taking advantage of daily deal offers, which have risen in popularity dramatically. And thanks to television shows like “Extreme Couponing” where shoppers save hundreds of dollars during strategically planned supermarket visits, old-fashioned coupon-clipping is….

Sharpie Draftfcb Celebrates Magic-Marker Artists Like Cup-Doodler Cheeming Boey

The permanent marker might not be as celebrated as the paintbrush, the chisel, or even the ball-point pen. But it can launch an artistic career just the same.

Death of Traditional Outlets Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Mark Twain famously quipped that news of his death was exaggerated when the press mistook his cousin’s serious illness for his own. Today, much the same could be said about traditional media. It seems that its death is foretold by any number of pundits with every new release of data on social media and digital….

Now I Am Stuck On Band-Aid® 54 Ways

So I have a cut on my finger from yard work and I go to the local drugstore to get my adhesive bandage. Funny, but as I typed that, it doesn’t sound right. We call tissues- Kleenex®, just as we call mayonnaise- Miracle Whip® and even paper towels are Scot Towels®. It is only fitting….

The Decline of the American Household

An astonishing report from Ad Age, shows that the marketing landscape has changed when it comes to the American Household. Once the target for most marketers, this study shows the decline of households of married couples with children will have many marketers re-evaluating their efforts. Below is an excerpt from the article on, be….

Ray Ban Stays Brand Loyal

I’ve decided I want to a new pair of sunglasses. And not just any old sunglasses – I want Ray Bans! Of course I do. If I haven’t mentioned it before I will now – I am a slave to packaging. I love marketing and I will buy anything that is packaged and marketed well…..

The Power of Packaging Doesn’t Stop at the Store

Make Sure Your Product”s Vessel Makes a Brand”s First (and Second) Impression As marketers focus on using social media to create connected, highly personalized brand experiences, they may easily overlook another critical touchpoint: product packaging. In today”s fragmented marketing environment, packaging is far more than a product”s vessel; it is the physical manifestation of a….

Using Video To Build Up Your Brand

More and more research is showing that more and more video is being consumed online. Not only that, but people are watching videos in their entirety, not just watching 30-seconds in and surfing away to other things. This is very encouraging news for marketers looking for an excuse to finally work video into their marketing….

Stay Top Of Mind By Engaging Prospects With 
Relevant Emails

If you are like most homebuilders, you spend significant dollars to attract home shoppers to your communities or website…now what? Keep them engaged with your brand by developing a solid email program that allows you to deliver relevant messages based on where prospects are in the buying process. They may not open every email you….

Email List Hygiene: Remove four kinds of bad addresses to improve deliverability

Your email database is the foundation of your email marketing. Haphazardly adding names can invite irrelevant subscribers and invalid email addresses — which weaken your foundation. “People make typos all the time… You want to keep that address out of your list because it’s not going to help you. And no amount of deliverability tweaking….