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Content Marketing Plan For Senior Living Communities

As seniors look to sell their homes and move into retirement communities, reliance on the Internet is greater than ever before. The development of a strong website with relevant content that is search-engine friendly is becoming increasingly important in the senior living industry. It is becoming important to understand what senior living marketing and how….

Basic SEO Steps for Your Senior Living Community

Assisted living, senior living, and skilled nursing are some of the fastest growing and most competitive online searches. The fact is, seniors and their children are  searching online to find information about senior living communities. Implementing a strong senior living SEO strategy is a great way to improve your search engine presence and bring those searchers to your website….

4 Ways To Check Your Brand’s Perception Vs. Its Reality

Paul Jankowski | Forbes | September 10, 2015 “Perception is reality.” Really? Coined by political consultant Lee Atwater, the phrase has made its way into the lexicon of many savvy brand marketers. For the most part, it still holds weight, but it isn’t the catch-all it once was thanks to the proliferation of so many channels of….

Baby Boomers Represent A Wealth Of Opportunities For Homebuying

Marketing Real Estate to Baby Boomers

Gen Y may have surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest share of the homebuying population, but Boomers age 51 to 69 still have significant influence and buying power. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, these “older” buyers have built up equity and are twice as likely to purchase a $500,000-plus home than a Millennial…..

6 Secrets About the Human Brain That Will Make You a Better Marketer

Ann Handley| Entrepreneur | August 28, 2015 Knowing how the human mind processes information and images—and putting that knowledge to use—can help you become a more engaging and effective marketer. Researchers in a new(ish) field of study are trying to figure out how our hard-wired preferences affect the decisions we make. Neuromarketing research is “the….

What You’ve Been Told About Millennials Is (Mostly) Wrong

Felicia Greiff | AdvertisingAge | August 17 , 2015 Listen up, brands: What you have been told about millennials is (mostly) wrong.

Trade Show Marketing: 4 Ways to Draw People to Your Booth at Your Next Conference

Trade shows are a key way for companies to bring in more leads. Learn marketing tips on how to draw people to your booth at your next conference. David Ciccarelli| Entrepreneur | July 31 , 2015 You’ve likely attended some of those mega-conferences every industry holds annually, where new products and services are introduced, keynote….

Grilling Brands Fire Up New Strategies For Millennials

Grilling Brands Fire Up New Strategies For Millennials

Whether it’s propane, charcoal or electricity as the fuel, the grilling and barbecue industry is preparing to pass the tongs from older buyers to millenials. Younger consumers are predicted to be 65% more likely to purchase a grill in the next two years, according to a report from global market research firm Mintel, which released….

Once Again, There Are More Commercials on TV

Once Again, There Are More Commercials on TV

Jeanine Poggi | Advertising Age | August 3, 2015 As has become the norm, TV networks are continuing to bolster their commercial loads in attempt to stave off declining ad revenue. AMC Networks increased its ad load by 10% in the second quarter, the most of any other network group, followed by Viacom, whose commercials were up….

Sun Tzu's The Art of War May As Well Have Been About Advertising

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War May As Well Have Been About Advertising

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu – The Art of War Often in business, we feel like we’re on strategy, but as we move further away from when that strategy was defined, we’re really just going through the motions. Activities are being….