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The Marketing Lesson of Lance Armstrong

Ouch! Lance Armstrong finally comes clean after lying for so many years. But how did we totally find out about the truth? Oprah Winfrey! Here is an inventive way to get the word out. However, the ratings failed. Let me put it in perspective: 34 million watched Bill and Hillary Clinton in regards to Gennifer….

Targeting The Target While They Are A Target

Here are the numbers just released: 86% of adult Americans who DO NOT want political ads tailored to their interest. The total number of display ads delivered to U.S. internet users in the first quarter of 2011-$1.11 Trillion. Today the amount of display ads are $10.9 billion. That is a staggering number to understand for….

Branding for the SuperBowl

Well it’s that time of year again where the majority of agencies, design firms and anyone selling marketing gather around the television to watch commercials. It’s Superbowl time again. And to get you ready for the commercials, a national network ran a special on the best commercials for the Superbowl a few days ago and….

Packaging That Sells Conference

“Reinvent Everything” is the tagline for the Brand Packaging Conference I am at currently. With those powerful words, I want to reinvent my blog. Not sure the strategy of reinventing my blog. Should it be pictures only? Should it have contents of only what’s happening now at the show? Should it even be more off-center?….

Now I Am Stuck On Band-Aid® 54 Ways

So I have a cut on my finger from yard work and I go to the local drugstore to get my adhesive bandage. Funny, but as I typed that, it doesn’t sound right. We call tissues- Kleenex®, just as we call mayonnaise- Miracle Whip® and even paper towels are Scot Towels®. It is only fitting….

Victoria’s Secret on Marketing

It has been since 1995 that Victoria’s Secret figured out a big advertising secret. First, let’s look at the Victoria’s Secret corporation because this is big business.  Victoria’s Secret is an American retailer of women’s wear, lingerie and beauty products. Sales have surpassed $5 billion dollars. It is now known for its annual fashion show,….