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5 Package Design Trends for 2018

Change happens quickly, and if you are caught unawares, you could be left with packaging that is outdated and stale. Recognizing and incorporating the following package design trends into your packaging ensures that your packaging is modern and beneficial to your image. 1. Minimalism Minimalism, the use of elegant, streamlined, and visually simple packaging, never….

Logo Design Trends For 2018

Your business logo encapsulates your business. In one simple graphic, your potential customers learn everything they need to know about you. Logo design done right embodies your brand, makes you instantly recognizable, and creates a timeless appeal. One of the critical mistakes that businesses of all sizes make when designing their logo is following the….

Top 7 Packaging Design Resources

Today’s package designers have such a wide variety of tools, technologies, and materials available that they can create just about anything they envision. Add in digital printing and their amazing design options become available to everyone. If you are looking for packaging design resources, here are 7 to get you started. Packaging World The world….

5 Tips To Improve Your Advertising Approach

When you have a tight marketing budget, you don’t have room to play with different advertising campaigns. You have to spend every bit of the budget where you know it will be most effective. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can improve your advertising approach without breaking the budget. 5 Tips For Improving Your….

Inbound Marketing Works. Politics Proves It.

We can all agree that politics in America right now is messy. To be honest it’s beyond messy. That’s no secret. So I won’t be writing about how divided we are today, rather, I’m going to be discussing how inbound marketing benefits organizations that operate in the political realm. So what does inbound marketing have….

How to create a buyer persona template for the homebuilder market

Years ago, homebuilders would attract a female buyer around the ages of 21-65. That was it. Today, the sophistication of different buyers need to be communicated with different layers of marketing. Personalizing the taste of each persona template. Your customers have diverse characteristics of age, education level, career levels, concerns, challenges and lifestyles. That is….

What is Ingredient Branding & How Does It Work?

There are many different marketing strategies to employ to increase the value and name recognition of your business. There are traditional marketing strategies, like commercials, billboards, and events. Then there are digital marketing strategies, like social media advertising, contests/giveaways, and community engagement. Each of these methods can be a great strategy for getting your business….