Here’s Where B-to-B Marketers Should Invest In 2016

Jon Russo | Forbes | Dec 7, 2015

At a recent New York City gathering of 40 senior business-to-business marketing executives of the Marketing Operations Cross Company Alliance (MOCCA), the hottest 2016 marketing-planning topics were one, people, and two, investing an incremental dollar in—you guessed it—data. Read more

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Evaluating Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Today’s marketplace is far different than even just a few years ago. New and emerging technologies continue to change the media landscape, and purchasers continue to change their attitude and how they make buying decisions. These are all factors that can affect your company’s ongoing success. This makes it even more important for you to take a good hard look at your marketing initiatives regularly. In order to move forward, you must consistently evaluate and update your B2B marketing strategies, programs and processes. Read more