Stevens & Tate Will Be Speaking At AHCA/NCAL 2017 On Inbound Digital Marketing

Nicole Wagner will be speaking to the attendees of AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo, set to take place October 15-18, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The American Health Care Association (AHCA) is the nation’s largest association of long-term and post-acute care providers. At the show, Nicole will be speaking on how to attract, convert, close and delight prospects using inbound marketing. The presentation will be taking place on Tuesday, October 17th at 10am.

According to the agency, seniors today are more empowered. The web provides them with instant access to detailed specs, pricing options, and reviews about goods and services. Meanwhile, social media encourages them to share and compare, while mobile devices add a wherever/whenever dimension to every aspect of their online experience. The session that Nicole will present reflects this innovative thinking.

Nicole’s educational session will presented at 10 A.M. There, Nicole will explain how to draw visitors to your website to convert them into qualified sales leads and how to use social media to strengthen your brand. She will also focus on creating brand awareness to attract new business, well as describe how to nurture prospects through engaging conversations at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Nicole will explain how, through inbound marketing, you can:

  • Enable customers to engage with your brand at their point of need
  • Shape a brand preference and influence future purchases
  • Generate social media shares and inbound links
  • Help fuel search engine optimization efforts
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Educate prospects and use content to guide them through their decision-making process
  • Generate qualified leads for less cost than traditional advertising

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AHCA is a non-profit federation of affiliate state health organizations, together representing more than 13,500 non-profit and for-profit nursing facility, assisted living, developmentally-disabled and sub acute care providers. These health organizations care for approximately one million elderly and disabled individuals each day. AHCA advocates for quality care and services for frail, elderly, and disabled Americans.      

Nicole Wagner, Internet Marketing Director at Stevens & Tate Marketing (, leads an enthusiastic team in strategic planning, web development, social media and search engine marketing, as well as Internet and mobile marketing. She can be reached directly by calling (630) 627-5200 or via email at

Stevens & Tate Marketing is a full service advertising agency, specializing in meeting the ever-changing demands of today’s consumer. As experts in all areas of Internet Marketing, we know how to navigate through evolving trends and technologies, and have decades of experience delivering results for businesses nationwide. Through our unique combination of strategic thinking, creative execution, and targeted communications, we Make Things Happen™.

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social media strategies

Attract, Convert, and Close Prospects Using Social Media Strategies and Website Conversion Techniques

LOMBARD, ILL., July 12, 2017– This September, Stevens & Tate Marketing will be emphatically represented at the one of the most respected associations of providers serving Illinois older adults, LeadingAge Illinois. Internet Marketing Director Nicole Wagner will be sharing her extensive online marketing expertise. LeadingAge 2017 is being held from September 26th to the 27th at The Hilton Lisle/Naperville in Lisle, Illinois.

At the show, Nicole will carry out a 90-minute presentation on how to attract, convert, and close prospects using social media strategies and website conversion techniques. According to the agency, the Internet has become a cornerstone of our marketing efforts, and although it is now easier to reach our audience, it may be harder to stand out from the crowd. How do we get the most out of our online marketing efforts? How do we make sure our social media platforms are as effective as possible? The session will help attendees determine their top marketing strategies in order to hit their top 2017 business goals.

Wagner will present essential strategies that will teach how to use social media to communicate with an audience on a more personal level, as well as optimizing a website in order to make it easier to find. Her educational sessions continue to be well received by all types of organizations because she emphasizes providing relevant and actionable takeaways that are targeted to each audience.

From Wagner’s presentation, attendees should be able to determine what their key marketing tactics are to achieve overall business goals, be able to create buyer personas of future residents and prospects, and understand the stages of the buyer’s journey and how to communicate to prospects through each stage. In addition, attendees will walk away with defined steps to improve their website and social media platform to meet their objectives. Nicole’s presentation is a great opportunity for LeadingAge members to learn proven techniques to improve their marketing performance.

LeadingAge Illinois is one of the largest and most respected associations of providers serving Illinois older adults, and the state chapter of the significant national organization. LeadingAge Illinois serves more than 500 providers including home and community based services (HCBS), senior housing, continuing care retirement communities (CCRC), assisted living, supportive living and skilled nursing/rehabilitation centers.

Stevens & Tate Marketing is a full service advertising agency specializing in meeting the ever-changing demands of today’s consumer. As experts in all areas of Internet Marketing, we know how to navigate through evolving trends and technologies in the online space today – and have decades of experience delivering results for businesses nationwide. Through our unique combination of strategic thinking, creative execution and targeted communications, we Make Things Happen.™

Nicole Wagner, Internet Marketing Director at Stevens & Tate Marketing (, leads an enthusiastic team in strategic planning, web development, social media and search engine marketing as well as Internet and mobile marketing. She can be reached directly by calling (630) 627-5200 or via email at

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SUMMARY: Stevens & Tate Marketing Internet Marketing Director Nicole Wagner has been selected as a featured speaker for the LeadingAge Illinois 2017 Conference in Lisle, Illinois. As a repeat speaker for this prominent national event, Nicole will provide key insight into proven strategies on how to attract, convert, and close prospects using social media strategies and website conversion techniques.


Four Things You Can Learn About Real Estate Marketing From Bon Jovi

Being an exec in an advertising agency can sometimes be a curse. When you go home at night you can’t just “shut it off”… you see marketing and branding everywhere. But on the positive side, that means inspiration can come from just about anywhere at any time. I’m an avid music lover and concertgoer and as all my colleagues know, my favorite band is Bon Jovi. So out of professional curiosity and personal interest, I follow the band’s marketing efforts and they’re doing a lot of things right. Here are four things I learned from Bon Jovi that you can apply to your real estate marketing.

Know Your Target Audience

Early on, way back in the ‘80s, Bon Jovi realized it appealed more to women than the typical male dominated rock crowd. Jon’s good looks and power ballads made the ladies swoon. Fast forward to today and of the thousands of fans at a Bon Jovi concert, most are women. A smart marketer, Jon capitalized on his popularity with the female audience almost from the start. He knows his best…assets…and how to use them.

How is this relevant to real estate marketing? You need to know who your target audience is and how to connect with them. Like for Bon Jovi, the target audience for most homebuilders is women age 35 to 54. They tend to be the ones out looking for a new home initially. So ask yourself—are you advertising where they are? For instance, a significant percentage of “soccer moms” are on Facebook, bragging about their kids and sharing family photos. Buying paid advertising on this social medium gives you the opportunity to pinpoint exactly who you want to reach. And make sure your message resonates with your audience, as well. Talk about what is important and enticing to them, not what is important to you.

Embrace Technology

In the ‘80s at the start of Bon Jovi’s mega popularity, music videos were the new thing. The band embraced this visual medium, giving viewers at home a glimpse of their stage presence and highlighting Jon’s charisma. Being a staple on MTV contributed to the group’s early success. Now, you can follow Bon Jovi on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and see their videos on Tidal, YouTube and Vevo. You can even download the Bon Jovi app to stay up-to-date on all things Jovi related.

As a marketer, you have a variety of new technologies and media vehicles available to you that your ‘80s self couldn’t even imagine. Use them. Bring your homes to life with virtual reality. Showcase your models with 360-degree video. Capture the magnitude of your neighborhoods with drone footage. Post and share photos on Instagram. Pin decorating ideas on Pinterest boards. Be creative. Today’s real estate marketing tools go way beyond still shots of model homes and allow you to emotionally connect with home shoppers in ways you never could before.

Stay Relevant

Bon Jovi’s fans have aged along with the group. While the band still plays the classic hits in concert, they churn out new “albums” and songs that reflect the times and attitudes of today’s listeners. They rely what they know works but continue to change to stay current with what’s trending. Lyrics that related to teenagers in the ‘80s won’t resonate with middle-aged housewives now.

For real estate marketing, be open to new ideas and avenues to get your message out. Print media—newspapers, direct mail, inserts—still have a place but mobile and social are where you need to be to be seen. The online world brings creative challenges. You only have a few seconds to make an impact and viewers are bombarded with competing images all over the screen. Don’t try to give all the details in a small space. Entice the viewer to click to learn more. Then grab and keep their attention with an engaging, user-friendly website. Your home designs are different than they were 30 years ago. You’re advertising efforts should be, too.

Your Brand Has Value Beyond The Home

Bon Jovi branding now extends well beyond the music business. Several categories—from a male clothing line to pasta sauce, a football franchise to charity endeavors—have emerged that capitalize on the popularity of the group’s namesake and front man. They are not all directly tied to Bon Jovi the band’s brand, but they are indirectly associated with the Jovi name and therefore are recognizable with consumers in the target audience.

In real estate marketing, this often occurs with mortgage companies that are associated with national homebuilder and carry a similar moniker. It also can occur with sub categories of your company, such as remodeling or commercial arm. What’s most important to remember is that you want all branding associated with your core brand to portray the same level of quality and values.

As a Chicago-area advertising agency, Stevens & Tate consults with not only real estate companies but also businesses in a variety of industries to develop marketing strategies that can propel their growth. If you are considering an agency review, visit to view recent work or call (630) 627-5200 to see if Stevens & Tate is a fit for your new agency partner.


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Building a new website is a big under taking for any sized business. You want to make sure that your website looks and feels the way that you imagined it would, while also having incredible content that attracts customers and keeps them coming back for more. There is no magic, one-size fits all approach to web design, but the Growth Driven Design process is a new development method that may benefit you. Read more

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How Visual Advertising Will Change Marketing In 2017

Today, digital advertising is expected to grow to an annual spend over $335 billion by 2020. The industry is booming, taking over search ad spend at #1 in 2016. However, with constant increases in ad volume and spend, what’s happening to returns?

The average clickthrough rate of display ads across all formats and placements is a miniscule fraction of a percent: 0.06%. Even of this small amount, over half of mobile ad clicks are reportedly accidental—and that’s if you can reach the user in the first place.

Conversely, ad blocking tools are growing explosively, with usage up 41% on the year globally. The number is even higher among younger generations:  nearly two in three millennials report using ad block software. Read more

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Benefits of SEO: How Optimizing Your Website Will Lead To Greater Results in 2017

By now, most marketers recognize that SEO is an important part of doing business online. To put it simply, if your website isn’t properly optimized, you are missing out. There are many reasons why you should start an SEO program if you haven’t already. SEO is a part of attraction marketing. Here are six of the top benefits of SEO.

More Website Traffic

Top positions in the search engines result pages lead to a lot more clicks, so ranking near the top can significantly increase the traffic coming to your website. According to research from Advanced Web Ranking, the top search result gets 30.1 percent of the clicks and over 50 percent of the clicks go to the top three results. Read more

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Kevin King | AdWeek | December 20, 2016

2016, we’ve seen mobile completely redefine how people interact with one another as well as with brands. And while social and mobile have had an indisputable impact on marketing, communications and business, in 2017, we’re going to see old dogs with new tricks in areas such as content mixed with new dogs who want to change the game all together. Here are a few areas we’ve identified as part of Edelman Digital’s annual trends predictions for 2017.

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5 Creative Marketing Solutions That Will Work In 2017

Solutions come in every flavor. Every client has different pain, and it’s an agency’s job to seek out and offer solutions. Once the pain has been established, the solution is what will solve or compound the problem. Great agencies can put creative thoughts into a campaign and make it memorable. Here are 5 creative marketing solutions that will resonate with the consumer in 2017.

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Stevens & Tate Unveils Brand Refresh With Launch Of St. Catherine’s Village Senior Living Website

Lombard, Ill.—Stevens & Tate Marketing has developed and initiated a new senior living marketing strategy for St. Catherine’s Village, Mississippi’s pre-eminent all-inclusive Life Care community.

The program focuses on lead generation with outreach efforts to attract the Continuing Care Retirement Community’s (CCRC) target audiences. The revamped website,, was unveiled in October to coincide with new messaging and creative elements.

“Stevens & Tate was brought in to refresh the image of St. Catherine’s Village both locally and nationally,” said Dan Gartlan, president of the Chicago-area marketing agency.

He explained that a new memory care facility had recently opened on campus while independent and assisted living apartments had been upgraded to better suit the needs of residents. Marketing needed to “catch up” and portray the benefits of St. Catherine’s Village today.

“We were able to provide an unbiased perspective, and in turn, objectively hone in on the property’s unique selling proposition,” he said.

St. Catherine’s Village, a service of St. Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital, is a not-for-profit, all-inclusive Life Care community offering adults age 62 or over a graceful lifestyle where independence and activity is a priority. Residents receive the right care at the right time in independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities set among 160 picturesque acres in Madison, Mississippi.

“After hearing the Stevens & Tate team speak at the LeadingAge national conference, we were impressed with their knowledge of marketing overall and even more so of the way marketing impacts senior living communities such as ours,” said Felichia Fields, assistant executive director at St. Catherine’s Village. “It was clear they not only understood how to successfully position our community, but also reinforced what we were realizing—that we needed an integrated approach to sales and marketing.”

As experts in senior living advertising, strategy and implementation, Stevens & Tate immediately recognized that St. Catherine’s Village needed to have a stronger digital presence. This included outreach efforts as well as a website designed for today’s consumers.

“The new responsive design puts finding information conveniently into the hands of users wherever they are,” said Gartlan. “Beyond being mobile and search friendly, the website also focuses on lead generation, offering numerous conversion points throughout to engage readers—whether they are active seniors or their adult children.”

Additionally, incorporates the story branding that Stevens & Tate developed to highlight the CCRC’s competitive advantages. This messaging debuted in new digital advertisements as well as in print and on broadcast mediums—all driving consumers to learn more online. The media strategy developed by the agency redefined the media mix by re-allocating funds to expand geographic reach while maintaining the frequency of being seen and heard by local target audiences.

“For the first time in a long time, we are looking at our brand and it is right on target,” said Fields. “Residents are proud of what they see and our board of directors feel we are on point with our message.”

In addition to creating focused, targeted solutions for senior living clients, Stevens & Tate has experience in the hospitality and travel/tourism, food/grocery, real estate, senior living, retail, healthcare, business-to-business, and non-profit sectors, as well.

An integrated marketing and advertising agency, Stevens & Tate offers award-winning, on-strategy creative; message and brand development; Internet and digital advertising; and cost-effective media planning and execution. To learn more and view the firm’s work, visit or call (630) 627-5200.

SUMMARY: A website designed by senior living marketing agency Stevens & Tate has debuted for St. Catherine’s Village, unveiling the Life Care community’s new messaging and creative strategy.

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